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Happy Birthday Bella! – Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #22

Our darling Rebecca picked this week’s theme. Bella’s birthday party is such an important scene at the beginning of New Moon.

As it is described in the book:

‘They were all waiting in the huge white living room; when I walked through the door, they greeted me with a loud chorus of “Happy Birthday, Bella!” while I blushed and looked down. Alice, I assumed, had covered every flat surface with pink candles and dozens of crystal bowls filled with hundreds of roses. There was a table with a white cloth draped over it next to Edward’s grand piano, holding a pink birthday cake, more roses, a stack of glass plates and a small pile of silver-wrapped presents.

It was a hundred times worse than I’d imagined.’
~New Moon, page 25

Bella’s Birthday Card

I though since Alice decorated with a lot of roses and pink, that her card to Bella would have the same.

Edward’s gift to Bella

‘I set the tickets aside and reached for his present, my curiosity rekindled. He took it from me and unwrapped it like the first one.
He handed back a clear CD jewel case, with a blank silver CD inside.
“What is it?” I asked perplexed.
He didn’t say anything; he took the CD and reached around me to put it in the CD player on the bedside table. He Hit play and we waited in silence. Then the music began…’
~New Moon, page 49

So we know the first song on the CD was Bella’s Lullaby and the rest was music that Edward composed.
Well since I didn’t have any of Edwards music just lying around, I put songs that I thought he would play on the CD instead.

Track List:

1. Bella’s Lullaby – Carter Burwell
2. Clair de Lune – Debussy
3. Edward at Her Bed – Carter Burwell
4. Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven
5. Nocturne in A Flat Major – Chopin
6. Minute in G Major – Bach
7. Air on the G String – Bach
8. Piano Sonata #11 in A – Mozart
9. Prelude, Opus 28, No 4 – Chopin
10. Piano Trio in G – Beethoven

Now as for my birthdays, well I have never been given a surprise party. That is fine, I am not the type to like something like that.
The only birthday I have ever dreaded was my last one. For some reason it bothered me that I finally hit the big three oh.

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