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Giveaway: The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine


The Weather Girl

by Amy Vastine

Clean Adult Contemporary Romance

January 1st 2014 by Harlequin

Turbulence is in their forecast

Summer Raines knows when it’s going to rain. She can feel it. That’s why the local weather girl’s so good at her job. Too bad she couldn’t have foreseen the tumultuous arrival of Travis Lockwood, everybody’s favorite star NFL quarterback. Make that former star NFL quarterback. Sidelined back to Texas after an injury, the golden boy is trying to steal her precious on-air time. Summer is reduced to reporting from…football games. It’s enough to make her quit and become a storm-chaser like her parents. She’s stuck with a career that’s going nowhere and a man who delights in her refusal to be charmed. Falling in love isn’t nearly as easy as predicting the weather.

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Guest Post:

Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today! I am so excited to share The Weather Girl with everyone out in the blogosphere. Our April showers theme has me thinking about the weather and my favorite time of year – spring.


Spring is my favorite time of year for a bunch of reasons. One is it usually means I get to put away all my hats, gloves, and scarves. My mudroom never looks this uncluttered in the winter. Flip flops take up so much less space than boots! (Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been very kind this winter. Chicago got another couple inches snow right before tax day!)


Spring represents new beginnings and new life. All three of my children were born in May. Fun fact – my sons were born on the same day, four years apart. Luckily, the oldest still says his favorite birthday gift was his brother (although I haven’t asked him lately and 14 year olds tend to be more annoyed by 10 year olds than anything else!)


The colors of spring are another thing I love about this season. Everything outside turns from brown and yellow to bright green. And then there are the flowers. Bursts of color everywhere. We have some lilac bushes and a flowering crab tree that not only look beautiful but smell divine. Which reminds me that I’m also excited about being able to open the windows in the house. Goodbye dry, winter air!


The only thing I don’t like, that my heroine in The Weather Girl had the ability to predict thanks to a sort of sixth sense, is rain. I don’t really enjoy grey skies or wet, soggy grass. We have a dog who always finds the mud, no matter how hard we try to keep her away from it. And my weather girl may find tornados thrilling, but I only fear the damage they can do. I will admit that there are some very impressive pictures of tornados out there that I will happily look at from the safety of my computer.


What about spring makes you happiest? What do you hate about it? Don’t forget to enter to win the tour giveaway. There’s a red umbrella in there to keep you dry during those April showers!

More about The Weather Girl and Amy Vastine

What is your motivation behind this series? Why did you want to write it?

Well, I wrote this story for Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest back in 2012. I wanted to get some feedback from an editor in the romance business and the contest seemed like a low risk way of asking for some. I figured it was a big enough thing that my feelings wouldn’t get hurt if I didn’t win or get any response. I didn’t win. I did however get some feedback, which was awesome and exactly what I wanted. I never expected them to like the story enough to want to publish it!

The story itself was written to reflect my love of sweet romance. I like a little angst now and again, but sweet love stories makes me smile. I like to sprinkle in some humor and create characters people can root for.

What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?

I hope people walk away with the idea that love doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice who you are for someone else. When you follow your heart and your dreams, everything else will fall into place.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Oh that’s tough because one of the rules I heard about writing is don’t get too attached to scenes because those are usually the ones your editor will want you to cut! I do love a couple scenes, though. One is when Travis has lunch at Summer’s grandparents’ house and they are trying to get him to realize he knows exactly what he wants out of life but he is completely clueless. Mimi’s frustration with him is priceless. The other one is the very end of the book, but I won’t say what happens because that gives it all away!

Share something about you that is unique – maybe about how/where you write… or favorite snack foods?

Well, I am a school social worker by day, so I write at night and on the weekends. I’m not sure how interesting that is! I love monkeys? I mean, I love monkeys. I have a collection of them at work (thankfully I work in a middle school so it’s not THAT weird!) It’s like a jungle! I have stuffed monkeys, figurines, candles, pictures, cups, stickers. It’s quite a collection. My students give me monkey gifts, so it grows every year! This is what happens when you tell someone you like something!


Amy Vastine has been plotting stories in her head for as long as she can remember. An eternal optimist, she studied social work, hoping to teach others how to find their silver lining. Now, she enjoys creating happily ever afters for all to read.

In September of 2012, she saw a tweet about Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest. She entered, hoping for nothing more than a little feedback from some people in the business. Amazingly, The Weather Girl made it into the semi-finals, thanks to the many wonderful voters out there! The manuscript didn’t make it to the finals, but the editors over Harlequin were still interested. A few revisions later and The Weather Girl was contacted for publication with Harlequin Heartwarming – a dream come true!

Amy lives outside Chicago with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, three fun-loving children, and their sweet but mischievous puppy dog.

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Tour-Wide Giveaway


– Grand Prize: $25 Amazon gift card, red umbrella, signed copy of THE WEATHER GIRL, umbrella bookmark, and decorative box (US Only)

– 5 ebooks of The Weather Girl (INT)

– April 21 – May 11

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