Excerpt: Eve’s Return by Crystal A Bourque

eves return demon cover

After having her heart broken, Jordan Andrews drops out of university to travel the world and ‘find herself’. Without a penny to her name, she returns home, only to discover a terrible tragedy has occurred in her absence.
Determined to find her elusive twin brother, she does her best to ignore the terrifying hallucinations that begin to plague her.
It quickly becomes clear that Jordan’s hallucinations are very real. She is attacked by a hoard of demonic creatures, but is rescued by a woman who claims to be a warrior angel. Through her, Jordan discovers that she has a power that is too strange to believe, and a seductive past that proves to be too irresistible to ignore.
Now, Jordan must not only find her brother, but also obtain an ancient artifact. It is her only clue in discovering more about who she is, and the role she is destined to play.

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   Jordan threw herself backward.
I can’t get away, she thought. Why can’t I move fast enough?
   The gray flesh around Mom’s neck and ears was stained red…and her chest, and the cream-colored sheets. Red trailed down the side of the mattress, ending in a wide puddle that had seeped into the hardwood floor. A cascade that had since gone dry.
   From her position, Jordan could still see the hand reaching out from behind Mom’s torso. It belonged to Dad. Contorted fingers made it look as if he had arthritis. His fingernails were black.
   Someone had vomited on the carpet. Jordan realized it was her. She was lying curled around the puddle, clutching her stomach in agony. Her throat was raw. Had she been screaming?
This isn’t real.
I need help.
   A coherent thought. She grabbed hold of it as she gasped for air.
A phone. I need a phone.
   She half crawled, half stumbled to the top of the staircase. Tripping down most of the stairs, she made it through the hallway and into the kitchen. Her fingers could barely manage to grip the phone receiver. She punched in the numbers. Sank to the floor as the receiver rang. Once. Twice. Three times. Four-
   “Nine-one-one, please state the nature of your emergency,” the operator said.
   “Help me. Help me please!” Jordan half spoke, half sobbed into the receiver. Her throat constricted. She choked out the next few words. “My parents are dead!”


Crystal Bourque is an up and coming, new adult, urban fantasy author. She is obsessed with all things fantastical, so much so that she has a recurring dream about being a princess with a sword. When she’s not busy writing, she loves trying new recipes, plotting her next travel destination, and singing loudly.
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twitter: https://twitter.com/everythingstemp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everythingstemporary
email: info@everythingstemporary.com

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