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Giveaway and Guest Post: Little Red Gem by D L Richardson

Little Red Gem

Title: Little Red Gem

Author: D L Richardson

Publisher: D L Richardson

Cover artist: D L Richardson

Format: eBook – epub, mobi, pdf | Print

Genre: YA paranormal romance

Book blurb:

Love can make you do crazy things as Ruby Parker discovers when she dies and returns from the grave to unearth how much Leo Culver loved her. With the aid of bad advice from a ghost who is trapped by a curse, a little bit of magic courtesy of her unsuspecting half-sister, and a televised music talent show coming to town to hold auditions, Ruby Parker makes more of a mess in death than she ever did in life. Can she fix everything before it’s too late? Or will she spend eternity as a ghost, haunted by the unknown depths of love? Either way, one thing Ruby learns is that while love can make you do crazy things, it can make you do amazing things too. But at what cost?

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Bonus material!!!

Here are two unique book trailers. Listen to D L Richardson as she performs two of the songs featured in the novel.

“A Million Miles”



“Side of the Road”


Guest Post:

Thank you to Dani at Paullette’s Papers for inviting me to guest post today. I’m here to chat about character names.

Deciding on a name for a child is a special moment. It can also be a stressful moment. This name will be with that child forever. I once read in a women’s magazine that a mother had thought long and hard on a name for her daughter that couldn’t be made into a nickname. She didn’t want Rebecca to be shortened to Bec. Or Elizabeth to become Liz or Betty. She finally settled on Amber. When she brought the baby home and the mother introduced the new baby Amber to her five year old son, the son said, “Hello Amberger.” The poor mother. Going through all that anguish over choosing a name only to have her five year old ruin her hard work. And not just by giving his baby sister a nickname but calling her a fast food product.

Some mothers have already picked out a name way before the child was even conceived. This was the case with the two female characters in Little Red Gem. I had always known the two sisters would be called Ruby and Audrey ever since I first created the concept for the novel almost ten years ago. They’re not modern names, in fact they’re rather old-fashioned, but these were the names that fell into my head and lodged themselves. There is nothing symbolic behind these names, nor are they the names of friends I had as a child. They are simply two girl names that I like and I think they go nicely together.

That not to say that names in books don’t have certain meanings for the authors. Lewis Carroll wrote a book for a girl names Alice, and we all know what the title of that book is.

Names in popular books have a tendency to become popular choices for parents. Below are a few of the most popular boy and girl names from book characters.

Boys names

· Jacob and Edward from Twilight **

· Harry and Cedric from Harry Potter.

· Peeta and Cato from The Hunger Games

· Atticus from To Kill A Mockingbird

· Holden from Catcher In The Rye

· Rhett from Gone With The Wind

** In 2011 the Social Security Administration released the most popular boys names taken from birth certificates. For the 13th year in a row, Jacob was the most popular boys name. Must be a lot of Twilight fans.

Girls names

Bella, Rosalie and Alice from Twilight

Katnisss, Primrose and Glimmer from The Hunger Games

Scarlett from Gone With The Wind

Hermione and Bellatrix from Harry Potter

Will Ruby and Audrey make it to the top of the best baby name list in a few years? Only time will tell.


More bonus material!!!

Bonus novellas to come soon.

What happened to Audrey while she was trapped in the underworld?

More of the story behind the two ghosts, Anne and William.


One lucky reader who comments on this blog post will be randomly selected to win an ebook copy of Little Red Gem. Good luck!

Author biography:


Music first captured the creative interest of young adult author D L Richardson. From choir, to her first acoustic guitar at age ten, to singing with the school band and performed in main roles in two school musicals. When she left school she helped form her own rock band where she sang lead vocals, played bass guitar, and wrote all the lyrics. At age 26 she sold her equipment and focused on writing instead.

She lives in Australia on the NSW South Coast with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing or reading she can be found playing her piano or guitars, renovating the house, or walking the dog.





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