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Fill Your Stockings With Books Giveaways!


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Starting December 1st I want to help you fill your stockings with books! I mean that is what I want filling my stocking (hint, hint Santa!).

So to help you out on this page you will find a list of giveaways going on throughout the month of December. Check them out, enter and who knows what you will receive!

List of Giveaways on Paulette’s Papers:

1. Reap by Christina Channelle – over

2. Horse Sense by Lapo Melzi – over

3. My Date From Hell by Tellulah Darling – over

4. Music Box (Dollhouse #4) by Anya Allyn – over

5. Mine to Tarnish (Mine .5) by Janeal Falor 

6. The Watcher by Lisa Voisin

7. Drowning by Rachel Firasek – over

8. Submerged (Outbreak #1) by Nicole Sobon 

9. If Only We by Jessica Sankiewicz 

10. Shelf Life by Stephanie Lawton – over

11. Daughter of Isis  by Kelsey Ketch – over

12. Men and Martinis by Delancey Stewart 

13. Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan – over

14. Run for the Roses by Rachel Schieffelbein 

15. Clan by Realm Lovejoy – over

16. Little Red Gem by D L Richardson 

17. Fighting for the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux – over

18. Beyond by S.P. van der Lee 

19. Balmorie Novellas by Kam McKellar – over

20. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Marie Landry 

21. SALT by Danielle Ellison – over

22. Isaura by Ruth Silver – over

23.  SOMETHING WONDERFUL by M. Clarke – over

24. Correlation by Mia Grace – over

25. Shrouded by Frances Pauli – over

26. Soul Oath by Juliana Haygert – over

27. The Saving of Benjamin Chambers by Anna Bloom – over

28. Shelf Life: The Publicist Book Two by Christina George 

29. Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins 

30. Darkest Day by Emi Gayle 

31. North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans 

32. The Art of Forgiving by Anna Bloom 

33. The Complete Midnight Fire Series by Kaitlyn Davis 

34. The Crescent by Jordan Deen 

35. Rock Gods of Romance Boxed Set by Ava Lore, Caitlyn Duffy, K.T. Fisher, Liliana Rhodes, Mina V. Esguerra, and Marian Tee – over

36. Inferno of Love by Allie Boniface 

37. Remembering Joy by Jenni Moen 

38. Program 13 by Nicole Sobon 

39. Shades of Rose Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! 

40. The Days Lost by Shannon McCrimmon 

41. Elect by Rachel Van Dyken 

42. Class of ’98 by A.L. Player 

43. KISS OF FIRE by Rebecca Ethington 

44. IN LOVE AGAIN by Megan Mulry 

45. The Outsider series box set by Lorhainne Eckhart 

46. DRAGON AWAKENED by Jaime Rush 


48. REAVER by Larissa Ione 

49. Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith 

50. Insanity by Cameron Jace 

51. The Holders (Holders #1) by Julianna Scott 

52. Mistress of the Wind by Michelle Diener 

53. The Ominous Tour Grand Finale  

54. FIREFLY by Belle Whittington 

55. Damaged Series by Bijou Hunter 

56.  Big Bad Bite and Swag by Jessie Lane 

57. KISS ME AT MIDNIGHT by Diane Alberts 

58. Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard




Please remember that each giveaway is different! Some are for book, gift cards, cash, swag and more!


Are you hosting a giveaway (that a book lover would like to win) on your blog that starts and ends in between December 1st – 30th? Please use the linky below:

List of Giveaways:


If you would like to use the graphic please feel free to do so and link it back to this page.

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-If you are an author or publisher and would like me to host a giveaway for you please send me an an email at dchapman @ paulettespapers . com (remove the spaces).

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