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A little bit about Esty…

Howdy everyone!
I meant to make a Texas Tuesday card but… well… it just didn’t happen. Ever have one of those days, well I sure did!!
So I thought I would tell you about my new Etsy shop. You might have seen on my sidebar that I sell supplies on Etsy. My store is called Polly’s Place.
I mostly have rubber stamps for sale right now. Most of them are used but a few are new or look new. Some are also rare and hard to find. I also have ribbon and brass stencils for sale as well. I really need to clean out my cross stitch closet. I have so many kits and patterns I need to sell to someone who will use them!
Please let me know if you are looking for something, I might just have it!
Then this weekend I opened a new Etsy shop called Paulette’s Papers. This shop is only for handmade items!
I am starting small but I will add new items as I make them. If you have seen a card of mine you would like to have let me know! I would be happy to add it to the store.
In case you were wondering why I named my stores Polly/Paulette well that is because Paulette is my middle name. When I was little my grandmother would call me Polly. The nickname never stuck, but I always liked it!
So head on over and take a peak. You’ll never know what you might find!!

Let me know what you think or if you have a question!

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