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Review: Tall, Dark, and Vampire by Sara Humphreys

Tall, Dark, and Vampire (Dead in the City, #1)

Tall, Dark, and Vampire (Dead in the City #1) by Sara Humphreys

Published: August 6th 2013

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The last person Olivia Hollingsworth expected to see at her Greenwich Village vampire club was her one true love, Doug Paxton—whom she believed to be dead for centuries. Olivia thought she had moved on, but when Doug reappears, her heart knows she’d rather die than lose him again.

Ever since Doug can remember, a red-haired siren has haunted his dreams. He never thought she could be real until he goes to investigate a murder at Olivia’s night club. However, as the bodies keep piling up at her feet, he must fight to prove her innocence—even if it costs him his life…


Olivia Hollingsworth is not your normal owner of a popular nightclub. She is a 300 year old celibate vampire. Her club is staffed with not only vampires from her coven but with a few trusted humans. When a man is found dead and everything seems to point to her club she comes in contact with the reincarnation of her dead lover. And there is a high possibility he is also her bloodmate…

I am really undecided about this book. I liked the plot; it was decent if not for a bit predictable. The characters are ok except for the cheesy lines they couldn’t help themselves from saying. This was an easy read that did have a few slow spots but quickly picked back up again. I guess my overall feeling is that if you are looking for a predictable Paranormal romance that isn’t very heavy, then this is the book you are looking for.

(This book was received as an ARC from the author/publisher in exchanged for an honest review.)

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