Review: The Grace of Running by Andrea Danielle Tracy

The Grace of Running

The Grace of Running by Andrea Danielle Tracy

Published: March 7th 2013

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Grace’s life finally seems prefect again after three year. Her boyfriend of a year, Kevin, has asked her to marry him. She is planning on going back to school for that teaching degree she’s always wanted. But when her roommate, Addie, starts dating a painter named Seth, Grace’s life gets a little complicated. Seth just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend and the reason her life wasn’t so prefect three years ago. Seth told her his plans for the future and they didn’t seem to include marrying her. So she left. As Seth and Grace begin to reconnect, Grace begins to remember the two years of their relationship that lead to her leaving.


Grace wants to get married. So when her boyfriend Seth starts acting strange and lets her know he doesn’t want to get married, she moves out and tries to start a new life. Now it is three years later and she is finally engaged to her new boyfriend Kevin when she finds out her roommate is dating her old boyfriend Seth. All those feelings for Seth have come back and she starts to wonder if she is truly over him…

While the plot is interesting the way the book was written just didn’t click with me. There was way too much going back and forth from what happened in the past to what was happening now. So several times I felt a little lost trying to figure out just where in the story I was. There were also times that just too many details were given. I could have skipped whole pages and not have missed anything.

The characters were difficult ones for me to connect to. Gracie just seemed to be an immature liar for most of the book. I just didn’t like it that she didn’t come clean until she was forced too. Seth wasn’t impressive either. I do not understand what Grace or her parents see in him.

Over I liked the plot idea I just wished I had enjoyed the story more. If you are looking for a fast and light book to read this summer, well this might be one you would enjoy.

(This book was received as an ARC from the author/publisher in exchanged for an honest review.)

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