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Review: Beauty and the Wolf (The Cursed Princes) by Marina Myles

 Beauty and the Wolf (The Cursed Princes, #1)

Beauty and the Wolf (The Cursed Princes) by Marina Myles

Published: June 6th 2013

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A Union Of Curses

Isabella Farrington’s marriage was hasty. For all her new husband’s riches, Lord Draven Winthrop is whispered about, avoided, and feared. Yet Isabella is drawn to Draven’s dark good looks, his strength, the charm he can turn on as easily as she can blink. The impoverished daughter of an Egyptologist, she knows there are rumors about her, too, and the amulet she wears. Nothing more than superstitious babble…

But when Isabella returns to Draven’s remote coastal manor, she senses there is something more at work in the grim gardens of Thorncliff Towers than superstition. Draven is passionate and seductive, but he has a brutal, uncontrolled side too, and a history of secrets. To live in peace she must discover the reasons behind a gypsy curse and a mother’s scorn. Especially when she learns Draven believes his sweet young bride is doomed to a fate even darker than his own…


Talk about a book that has just about everything in it. I am not kidding; there are Egyptian and Gypsy curses, a werewolf, murder and a rich Lord who marries a poor girl so she can kill him. Even though this felt like a slightly darker retelling of a Beauty and the Beast, I just didn’t fall in love with this novel.

This Gothic Romance just didn’t have a good romantic feel to it. The first half of the book I just did not like the hero Lord Draven. Even after everything was explained, I just couldn’t get over my first impression of him. Then we have Isabella who just couldn’t seem to make up her mind and stick with it. She was very wishy-washy and I didn’t see what Draven liked about her.

When I finally reached the end I thought I had read a 400 page novel. I was surprised to find that it only has 224 pages. The plot has so much in it with so many twists and turns, well I just felt like I had been reading forever. There were quite a few surprises for me that is why I finished it, to see how the author gave them their HEA. It was an interesting book, to say the least!

(This book was received as an ARC from the author/publisher in exchanged for an honest review.)

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