Guest Post, Review and Giveaway: From Here to Eternity by Paige Cuccaro

From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity by Paige Cuccaro

Published: February 12 2013

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Love never dies…but apparently Rachel has.

Waking up one day to her obituary in the news and no recollection of the past few weeks, Rachel calls her husband, Nate, in a panic, at the research facility where he works. Nate is the inventor of CYANAs, Cybernetic Anthropoid Automatons, vessels that look exactly like humans and can store a person’s memories…and maybe even his or her soul.

When Nate arrives home, Rachel doesn’t recognize the man who claims to be her husband. Can Nate convince Rachel to fall in love with him all over again? Especially once she realizes what he’s done…and what it means for their future?


For a short novella this packed quite a punch! Several surprises and some lovely romance is what you get when you read From Here to Eternity.

From the moment Rachel wakes up one morning she knows things are not right. From the pile of dirty dishes to seeing her obituary in the paper Rachel does the one thing that makes sense, she calls her husband. The problem is that man that answers does not sound like Nate.

Nate arrives home but Rachel does not recognize him. He hopes that she will stay calm and understand that everything he did was because he loves her.

If you have a short period of time to read and are looking for a romance that is set in the future, well this is the book for you! Totally enjoyable and easy to read I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good Paranormal/Steam Punk story.

Guest Post:

What music inspired FROM HERE TO ETERNITY?

Is it weird to say that I don’t draw a lot of inspiration from music for my writing? I know a lot of writers talk about playlists for their books, and what kind of music they listen to to get them in the mood to write a certain scene, or get them inside the head of a certain character, but that’s really not me too much. I do listen to music when I write sometimes, but mostly it’s to drown out distraction. A lot of time though, the music itself can be a distraction for me.

What works for me is white noise, the sound of a crackling fire, sounds of birds sing in a forest, crickets and frogs chirping, stuff like that. One of my favorite white noise sounds is the sound of New York traffic. I like it because it makes me feel like I’m surrounded by people and life, but without the risk anyone will interrupt my writing.

However, if I were asked what music would make a good playlist for FROM HERE TO ETERNITY? I definitely have a few songs in mind.

  1. Who wants to live forever, by Queen
  2. One year of Love, by Queen
  3. One Vision, by Queen
  4. Princes of the Universe, by Queen

You may have noticed a trend in the songs—one, that they’re all by Queen but more importantly they’re from the movie Highlander. That’s not as much of a coincidence as some might think. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY actually has a few things in common with HIGHLANDER. In both stories the main characters are faced with an existence set outside of normal human life, forced to watch humanity but be forever apart from it. And like the Highlander, in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, we understand how immortality spent alone is far worse than certain death.


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