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Review: A Cold Creek Noel by RaeAnne Thayne

A Cold Creek Noel;

A Cold Creek Noel by RaeAnne Thayne

Published: November 29 2012

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Caidy Bowman had been the apple of her family’s eye—until a devastating tragedy forced her to hide from the world. She was used to devoting her time to the animals on her family’s ranch. Then widower Ben Caldwell and his two adorable children arrived in Pine Gulch, and suddenly, Caidy wanted more than a life in the shadows….

As the town’s new vet, Ben needed a place to stay for the holidaysÏ¿½and for his family to heal from their own loss. He absolutely wasn’t looking for love again! But Caidy Bowman’s sparkling green eyes and sweet smile touched Ben’s broken heart, giving him hope for a new future. Their future—if he could convince the beautiful cowgirl that Christmas was a time for new beginnings….


A Cold Creek Noel is short but very touching and sweet small town Christmas romance. It does deal with a widower who is not ready to move on from, a story line that I don’t find very romantic.

Ben Caldwell is a widower and the new vet in Cold Creek. He has a lot of issues he has to deal with all the while raising his two kids. Caidy Bowman had dreams of becoming a vet until the night her parents were brutally killed. Now she works on the family ranch and helps watch one of her nieces. While she is interested in Ben, he on the other hand isn’t completely over his late wife.

The ending was a bit too tidy. Everything wrapped up a little too quick and neat. If it had been a longer novel I could see where the ending would be a bit better. I do like the story as a whole and am making plans to find the rest of this series.

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