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Mary Alice Brandon – Twilight Tuesday’s Challenge #47

This weeks Twilight Tuesday Inspirational Challenge is brought to us by Julie. Here is what she says:

We don’t know all that much about Alice’s history; it is described in vague terms in the books, so we might need to use our imaginations for the craft portion of this challenge.

The craft portion is to depict an aspect of Alice’s history. You can take your inspiration from what we know from the actual Stephenie Meyer text, or you can use your imagination to depict something that could have happened in Alice’s past.

The comment portion – talk a bit about Alice’s gift. Would you like to possess her ability to see the future? Do you think that that would be a blessing or a curse?

Well I have to admit I had a tough time with this. Julie is very correct, we don’t know much about Alice’s back story.

For everyone else, the pain of transformation is the sharpest memory they have of their human life. I remember nothing of being human.
Alice Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 20, p.414

I also had a tough time because I was sick. So after making three projects, all that have ended up in the trash, I decided to do a digi scrap page. I figure I couldn’t mess up one of these too much.

Part of "Coffee Cream", digital scrapbooking elements, digidesigned byWilma. Personal and S4O/S4H use allowed.

I tried to make a page that resembles the time period she lived in. I wanted something that could go in her family scrap book.

Now would I like to have her gift, I think so. It wouldn’t be to bad considering that what you see would be the result of a decision made. But then we do make some bad decision sometimes…


As always our Twilight Tuesday Design Team has wonderful projects to display for this week’s challenge – please go and check them out!

Alison ~ Donna ~ Eve ~ Erica

Jacquie ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca



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