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Review: The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova

Vicious Deep 

The Vicious Deep (The Vicious Deep #1) by Zoraida Córdova

For Tristan Hart, everything changes with one crashing wave.
He was gone for three days. Sucked out to sea in a tidal wave and spit back ashore at Coney Island with no memory of what happened. Now his dreams are haunted by a terrifying silver mermaid with razor-sharp teeth.

His best friend Layla is convinced something is wrong. But how can he explain he can sense emotion like never before? How can he explain he’s heir to a kingdom he never knew existed? That he’s suddenly a pawn in a battle as ancient as the gods.

Something happened to him in those three days. He was claimed by the sea…and now it wants him back.

The Vicious Deep is a wonderful paranormal YA adventure about merfolk with some mythology mixed in. The story is narrated by Tristan who is very popular and a bit arrogant. While he is at times humorous, he is also very much (in my opinion) a man slut.

Tristan’s adventure begins when a tidal wave sweeps across the coast where he is acting as a lifeguard. He sees someone in need of rescuing and ends up disappearing himself. Several days later his best friend finds him on the beach alive but is unable to tell them where he was those days he was missing. Strange things start to happen as he slowly find out he is not who he thought he was.

I am very impressed that this was the author’s debut novel and I look forward to reading more by her.

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