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Review: The Guardian’s Wildchild by Feather Stone


The Guardian’s Wildchild by Feather Stone

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Sidney Davenport is known as Wildchild to her Guardian mentor, Greystone. She rebels against rules. Wildchild is gifted in the paranormal, but carefully conceals her powers from the world. Even in the crises that threaten her life, she refuses to use her powers of telepathy, telekinesis, space/time travel. If her enemies discovered the truth of who she is, her Guardian people would be destroyed. She calls upon her spirit guides, Seamus and Celeste, to guide her through a mine field of the insane – Madame and Captain Butchart.

Sidney leaves her home on Hawk’s Island to help the underground stop two people who are about to cause worldwide madness. Unskilled in espionage, she is arrested and sentenced to death. But, God help Sidney, she can’t deny her attraction to the man who has orders to perform her execution – the tall, dark eyed Captain Waterhouse. He’s meticulous, disciplined and lives by the strict rules expected of an officer of the American navy.

Captain Waterhouse is about to scrap his higher morals to bust out of his hell. When a female prisoner is delivered to his ship, he has no idea she is capable of turning his disciplined life into a storm of unimaginable experiences. His prisoner’s enemies, he discovers, are also the ones who hold his life in the palm of their hands.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fast paced story woven with murder and magic.

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This beautifully written paranormal dystopia is a book that captures you and doesn’t let go. It is a fast paced read about powerful but peaceful Guardians who only want to protect the world and help those who have forgotten that they too are Guardians.

The story is mainly about a girl named Sidney Davenpport. When she was young it was prophesized that she would help the earth from those who were bent on leading it into darkness. She is gifted and a bit wild, which is why her mentor calls her Wildchild.

She and her brother, Danik, are asked to break into a military based to retrieve some information. While doing this she is caught and is ordered to be executed. She is sent to the USS Nonnah where she meets ad eventually falls in love with the captain, Samaru Waterhouse.

The Guardian’s Wildchild is filled with New Age thoughts and wisdom. It has a bit of a surprising ending to it that I will admit bothered me somewhat. Overall I really enjoyed this book and the journey it took me on.

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