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Review: Thoroughly Kissed (Fates #2) by Kristine Grayson


Thoroughly Kissed (Fates #2) by Kristine Grayson

Coming June 5th 2012

Kristine Grayson’s bestselling fairy tale romances bring the classic stories into the present day, where fairy tale characters must grapple with the complexities of modern life as well as their own destinies.

Emma (Sleeping Beauty) fell into a magical coma that lasted for a thousand years when a boy she didn’t even liked kissed her. Now that Emma’s awake, she’s determined to be a normal girl…a normal girl who is deathly afraid of kissing. When she meets history professor Michael Found, Emma has to choose between her fear of kissing and her potential Prince Charming.

I really enjoyed Thoroughly Kissed! It is kind of a slow read, but not boring at all. For almost ¾ of the book there is not a lot of romance going on. You really get to meet the characters and see them grow before the romance comes into play.

This is a new spin on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Emma’s story is a bit different than the one we grew up reading. I liked her version and I was able to understand why she made the choices she did. Darnell was my favorite though. I just loved it when he attacked the pizza boy!

I would recommend Thoroughly Kissed to anyone who loves fairy tales and don’t need a lot of adult situations in their books. I know I was excited to find out when I finished Thoroughly Kissed that there are six more in this series. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

I give Thoroughly Kissed five Smiles:

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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