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Elizabeth thinks she knows the gloomy Fenlen Forest. But when her treasured unicorn fawn, Sida, goes missing, Elizabeth tracks her into a strange land where the people think Elizabeth is a changeling, a malignant being who too closely resembles a missing girl.

If Elizabeth can find her fawn and uncover the fate of her lost double, can she stop the fear from turning into hate? To solve the deepening mystery, Elizabeth befriends a handsome, skeptical young shepherd whose stories hint at a dark secret lurking at the forest’s edge, and follows a herd of wild unicorns with the ability to unlock the past.

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Dear Reader,


A girl facing dark forests and darker secrets seeks the help of unicorns who can slip through time…Excited yet? I’m delighted to share The Changeling of Fenlen Forest with you.


In The Changeling of Fenlen Forest, you’ll meet Elizabeth, a girl who has grown up in the shadow of eerie Fenlen Forest, scratching out a living by scavenging for unicorn horns and caring for the herd of elusive magical creatures. Elizabeth and the unicorns are safe in their isolation…others think the woods are haunted by strange people who snatch travelers and steal their faces. But when Elizabeth is seventeen, her beloved fawn, Sida, goes missing. While searching for Sida, Elizabeth loses her way. She stumbles upon a young man, Torun, who fears she is a ghost…or a changeling who has stolen the form of his missing beloved, Bettina. Elizabeth needs Torun to help her find Sida and her path home. But when the Elizabeth and Torun find Sida, the fawn has already taken up with a new, mysterious herd of unicorns…The longer Elizabeth takes to coax Sida away from the herd, the more she becomes enamored in Torun and embroiled in his family’s superstitions. Are the disappearance of the unicorn fawn and the missing girl related? If Elizabeth can solve the mystery, she might be able to save the unicorns, Bettina, and herself.


This young adult fantasy novel has a timeless, classic feel, combining the heart of The Last Unicorn with the gritty love of nature in My Side of the Mountain and the folklore of Keturah and Lord Death.


Whether you’re in the mood for mysterious creatures and intricate plots, if you love stories about sisterhood, or you feel like some brooding romance, this is the story for you…I’m extremely excited to introduce you to the world of The Changeling of Fenlen Forest.


Come and meet Elizabeth and Sida…they’re waiting for you at the forest’s edge.


All my best,


Katherine Magyarody

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Katherine Magyarody grew up in Toronto, Ontario. During graduate school, she researched the history of adolescence, taught children’s literature, and wrote fiction on the sly. Her debut short story, “Goldhawk,” is anthologized in PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2017. She currently lives in Connecticut, where she blogs about interesting and weird unicorns at
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