$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Hollywood via Orchard Street by Wayne Clark

Hollywood via Orchard Street
by Wayne Clark
Genre: Historical Fiction
Deciding that the hopelessness he sees around him on New York’s squalid
Lower East Side during the Great Depression isn’t for him, a young
man invents an alter ego with the chutzpah he hopes will make a name
for himself. In the process he accidentally ignites a war between the
Irish mob and a Chinese tong, learns to drink and finds love for the
first time. Will he and his alter ego ever reunite? They will have to
if he doesn’t want to lose the love of a beautiful Broadway actress.
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Award-winning author Wayne Clark was born in 1946 in Ottawa, Ont., but has
called Montreal home since 1968. Woven through that time frame in no
particular order have been interludes in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver,
Germany, Holland and Mexico.
By far the biggest slice in a pie chart of his career would be labelled
journalism, including newspapers and magazines, as a reporter, editor
and freelance writer. The other, smaller slices of the pie would also
represent words in one form or another, in advertising as a
copywriter and as a freelance translator. However, unquantifiable in
a pie chart would be the slivers and shreds of time stolen over the
years to write fiction.
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  1. Emily A Roesly says:

    The book cover is intriguing, but the author’s name should be much bigger and span the entire width of the bottom of the book. The way it appears makes him seem shy or apprehensive. Be bold!

  2. Anne Higgins says:

    Appreciate how you write and the cover that draws me in to wanting to read more. I love mystery and suspense…did the typewriter fall into bricks from a mishap (car crashing through a building) or maybe a murder? Will have to find out by reading this book. Thanks for the great cover

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