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Review: Mighty Reader Workbook, Grade 1


Mighty Reader Workbook, Grade 1:

1st Grade Reading and Skills Practice with Favorite Bible Stories

By Heidi Cooley

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Who knows how to combine 20 minutes of reading practice and devotional time? A mighty reader! With the Mighty Reader Workbooks, your child can stay on top of his or her reading game while reading amazing stories from the Bible.

Author and current second-grade teacher Heidi Cooley knows how important daily reading is for a child’s learning development. But parents are often lost as to how to help their children practice reading and writing skills. The First Grade Mighty Reader Workbook offers a unique solution to this problem, combining biblical and educational learning. First graders will read stories from the Bible and then answer questions and complete tasks in the same way they would in their classroom. All questions are aligned with state standards, so parents can feel confident that their child’s practice is appropriate for the first-grade level.

Each lesson . . .

  • Offers 20 minutes of reading and skills practice
  • Aligns with state standards
  • Strengthens comprehension
  • Increases fluency
  • Boosts decoding skills
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Improves sentence writing
  • Teaches biblical values

The First Grade Mighty Reader Workbook is a reading win for both parents and children!
Also available: Second Grade Mighty Reader Workbook

This B&H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.


As a homeschool Mom, I am always looking for a curriculum to help strengthen my children’s reading and comprehension skills. I especially love it when I find something that incorporates the Bible into it as well. The Mighty Reader Workbook for Grade 1 does just that. My children can practice and strengthen their reading skills while learning about popular Bible stories.


Each week starts off with a list of Vocabulary words, Biblical Terms and Skills that will be gone over in the story and the work pages that week. The next page is the Bible story is paraphrased in a way that makes it easy to read for a First Grader. It also paragraphs that are numbered. The vocabulary words and Biblical terms are in red.


There is a work page that uses the Bible story for 6 days. Now if your child is doing great and is eager to do more pages at a time I say go for it! The first thing your child will do is read the story. Then for four days, the page asks three questions and the children will answer them by writing in a box. While I would have preferred lines instead, I do understand that each first grader could be at a different writing level so I am sure that this is an easy way for most children to write. Days 5 and 6 have the children writing sentences and drawing an illustration to go along with the story. This book is designed to last for 13 weeks but that is up to you and your child’s development.


I am very pleased with this workbook for several reasons. The Biblical stories are age appropriate and the workbook itself I can see will help my daughter with her reading skills. It may even help her writing!

I would like to thank Lifeway and B&H Publishing Group for allowing us to review this book. The opinions and impressions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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