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Book Giveaway: Through a Broken Heart by Colleen Meissner (7/21)

Book Details:

Book Title: Through a Broken Heart: Finding Hope and Healing After a Breakup
Author: Colleen Meissner
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 144 pages
Genre: Christian non-fiction, self-help, devotional
Publisher: A Book’s Mind
Release date: April 19, 2018
Tour dates: June 18 to July 13, 2018
Content Rating: PG-13

Book Description:

Dear Broken Heart ~

You must be hurting deeply. Perhaps you’re also feeling overwhelmed and completely alone in this place of emptiness and grief. I’ve been where you are and my heart aches with yours. I want you to know there is someone who sees and someone who cares. His name is Jesus. The journey right now is dark and painful, but if you will travel with me using God’s word as our guide, it will eventually lead to a place of hope and restoration. A destination where God’s love ushers you into wholeness. Where His healing hand won’t just repair your shattered soul, but will establish you in the truth that you are deeply loved and understood. In contrast to your current sorrow, this may seem too good to be true. I get that, I’ve been there. At this point, I’m only asking you to trust that He is able. I invite you to spend these next six weeks at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to enter into your wounded heart through this very place of brokenness. Will you give Him permission to transform you in a way that far exceeds your own expectations?

~ Colleen Meissner Married for the first time at 42. Colleen knows firsthand the pain of heartbreak, being single longer than expected, and the battle against fear and insecurity. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and has spent over 10 years sharing her own experience and knowledge as a coach and mentor. She now has a vision to share the wisdom she’s been given with you.

To follow the tour, please visit Colleen Meissner’s page on iRead Book Tours.


Guest Post:

Preferred genre to read and write?


Words are powerful, so powerful they “have the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21). I have seen first-hand the power of words to tear down or destroy throughout my life. I think because of that, I look at books very differently than perhaps most do. I choose what I read carefully, knowing how much the words on a page can influence my thoughts, attitudes and life.


What I read often depends on my mood and what’s going on in my life, but overall, I love books that inspire me, instill hope or encourage me to keep moving forward when things get difficult.


I walk with women through some pretty dark times and have made the journey through those dark seasons myself. I think because of this, nothing is more healing to my own soul than laughter and so I love a good book that makes me laugh. One of my faves is “Love Does” by Bob Goff. That book had me laughing to the point of tears, but also challenged me to love deeper and better. My father recently died, but the week before he did, he sat on my couch through the Christmas holiday reading that book, laughing the entire time. I love that my final memories of my father alive were of him laughing. When I miss him most, I remember that week and it makes me smile.


As for my own writing? I wish I had the quick wit and humor that I appreciate in other authors. I’ve tried and failed miserably.


I’m not a fan of the question: “what genre do you write” because that to me is being asked to label myself and my style, and I’m even less of a fan of labels, I steer clear of them as much as possible.

That may sound a bit extreme, but the best description I’ve heard is that labels are like a straightjacket. They restrict us and limit our ability to stretch and grow beyond the limits dictated by the labels we use. In fact, studies have proven that once a person is labeled (by self or others), not only will that person conform to the label, others will struggle to see them as anything else. This is why I always instruct the women I work with to focus on what they say about themselves and to take their words – especially about themselves- very seriously. A seemingly silly example is the common phrase, “I’m single.” I encourage my ladies to say, “I’m not married yet.” Why? Because labels can become our identity when worn too long; if your identity is “single” for a long time, then you may likely find yourself single… even though your heart desires to be married.


Same goes with my writing. I like to say that I write to share lessons learned and wisdom gained through my own journey to healing. If people want to put me in a category (i.e. “Christian Living” or “Self-Help”) then I am ok with that, I get the need to categorize and package. However, for me, I simply want to write what is on my heart in this season and for this time. Who knows, maybe one day I will follow in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis and write a fiction story. That won’t happen, if I allow myself to be labeled or type cast as an author.



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Meet the Author:


I earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in 2010 and have been mentoring women for over a decade. The most common area of counsel I provide is to single women not ashamed to admit they want to be married and have someone to share their life with. These women often without realizing it, are battling soul wounds (emotional and heart wounds) from their past that are preventing them from fulfilling this deeply held desire of marriage and family.

I consider there to be no greater privilege than to have women trust me with their deepest struggles and fears and to travel along side of them on their journey from a place of being held in bondage by lies (“I am fat, ugly, a loser, unlovable…”) to a place of freedom and victory. I know this journey well, I have traveled it; it is hard and it is long, and you cannot do it alone. There are seemingly impossible hills to climb, valleys to crawl out of and side-roads leading to nowhere. Perhaps more than a mentor, I am a tour-guide, leading you as you navigate your way to healing and overcoming those things that have kept you from embracing the fullness of life that the Lord came to give you (John 10:10).

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