Excerpt: Must Have Faith By Deborah Garland


Must Have Faith By Deborah Garland

Release Date: June 4, 2018

Publisher: Roane Publishing

264 Pages

Forgiving isn’t easy. Forgetting may be impossible.
Greg Mallory isn’t the kind of man to wallow just because he was left at the altar. Not when there are plenty of women to help him forget his heartbreak. But as the only Mallory son he has an obligation to carry on the family name. When Greg’s runaway bride returns, his head tells him to keep his distance, but his body and heart are both begging for a second chance.
Faith Copeland bolted out of Darling Cove with a shameful secret and stayed away for ten years thinking Greg Mallory would never forgive her. Coming home means facing her past and Greg. She just didn’t think he still had the power to make her melt after all this time.
One moment alone proves their attraction is stronger than ever. Are they brave enough to start fresh? Or will past secrets destroy their second chance at happy-ever-after once and for all?



Must Have Faith

Greg cleared his throat and leaned in. “Anyway, there’s something I want to ask you.”

A small wave of panic ticked up Faith’s heart rate. Was he going to ask her why she really left? Could this be the moment where she came clean? She swallowed. Hard. Yes. This is the perfect time. And place because he couldn’t make a ridiculous scene. Although he could leave her there alone. That thought sent a pain through her chest so sharp, she rubbed her blouse. Her heart was hammering under her fingers and her mouth went bone dry.

Greg watched her with curiosity and concern. “Faith?”

“Sure. You can ask me anything.” She sat up, ready to explain the worst mistake of her life and watch the man she loved grow to hate her before her very eyes. “Go ahead.”

“Do you think any less or different of me from what I told you about Miranda and the other women?” Greg’s voice carried a hint of pain like he feared her answer.

It was if she’d been tied to a pole in front of a firing squad…and they missed. God! He was concerned about himself and his behavior. But how to answer? Yes. Of course, it bothered her. And if the situation had been reversed where he’d left and while he’d been away she’d banged all kinds of men…let all different men have their way with her. In all different places and all different ways, Greg would have a heart attack. So yes, it bothered her. But that would make her the huge hypocrite.

“You’re not the only one who was possessive, Greg. I wanted you, remember. And I fought to get you. So yes, it hurts. But I know I have no right to feel that way.” Faith stood to go to the ladies’ room.

She wasn’t sure if she had to throw up or just needed to release some tears and gear up. She was ready to tell Greg about that night, but was thankful to have a minute to consider how she’d put it. “I’ll be right back.”

When she turned to step toward the back of the diner, a body plowed into her. The forceful push sent her to the ground and her palms smacked flat against the sticky linoleum.

Greg jumped up, pushing the man. “Hey! Watch it.” He reached down to pick her up, but was shoved backwards.

The man lifted her instead, holding her by the throat. There was something cold and sharp against her neck.

Faith knew from experience it was the long serrated edge of a knife.


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