Review: The Other Lady Vanishes by Amanda Quick

The Other Lady Vanishes (Burning Cove #2) by Amanda Quick

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The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Knew Too Much sweeps readers back to 1930s California–where the most dazzling of illusions can’t hide the darkest secrets…

After escaping from a private sanitarium, Adelaide Blake arrives in Burning Cove, California, desperate to start over.

Working at an herbal tea shop puts her on the radar of those who frequent the seaside resort town: Hollywood movers and shakers always in need of hangover cures and tonics. One such customer is Jake Truett, a recently widowed businessman in town for a therapeutic rest. But unbeknownst to Adelaide, his exhaustion is just a cover.

In Burning Cove, no one is who they seem. Behind facades of glamour and power hide drug dealers, gangsters, and grifters. Into this make-believe world comes psychic to the stars Madame Zolanda. Adelaide and Jake know better than to fall for her kind of con. But when the medium becomes a victim of her own dire prediction and is killed, they’ll be drawn into a murky world of duplicity and misdirection.

Neither Adelaide or Jake can predict that in the shadowy underground they’ll find connections to the woman Adelaide used to be–and uncover the specter of a killer who’s been real all along…blog border

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I started reading Amanda Quick novels when I was in my teens and I haven’t stopped. She is one of my favorite historical (and contemporary/ futuristic) authors and I always look forward to when her next book comes out.

The Other Lady Vanishes takes place during the 1930s in California. When Adelaide Blake arrived in Burning Cove, California she came with the intention of hiding out and creating a new life for herself. Unfortunately, those she was hiding from found her and now with the help of Jake Truett (who is says he is vacationing there under doctor’s orders for his nerves) they must find the killers before the killers get them. But can she trust Jake with her secrets… and her life?

Romance, murder and a bit of mystery is what you will find in the intriguing book. Easy to fall into and read, I enjoyed this escape into a time period that I hardly ever read about. Amanda Quick does a great job capturing the period with the way the characters acted and speak to one another.

The Other Lady Vanishes is the second book in the Burning Cove series. This book can be read as a standalone, but I always recommend that you read them in the series order to get the most enjoyment out of each one. Interesting note – I believe this is the first widower romance I have ever enjoyed!

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About the Author:

Amanda Quick

The author of over 50 New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic-suspense in three different worlds: Contemporary (as Jayne Ann Krentz), historical (as Amanda Quick) and futuristic (as Jayne Castle). There are over 35 million copies of her books in print.


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