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Kids Book Giveaway: Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day! by Marsha Nowakowski

Book Details:

Book Title: Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day! by Marsha Nowakowski
Illustrator: Joan Coleman
Category: Children’s NonFiction, 34 pages
Genre: Education
Publisher: Lanier Press
Release date: January 23, 2018
Tour dates: Jan 29 to Feb 9, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Matt and Mattie, where every day is a learning adventure! Just as our ten toes help our bodies balance, Matt and Mattie’s ten daily habits help toddlers learn balanced behaviors that will guide them in leading happy, healthy childhoods.

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Guest Post:


What do you find is the most important lesson for children to learn?

I find that putting your best foot forward and doing your best always is not just a single choice made in the moment, but rather an attitude and behavior cultivated through repetitive choices made during early formative years. When adopted at an early age, this learning process becomes considerably easier. This is the same as the Native American saying, “The tree grows as the sapling is bent.” Good habits begin early in life, and if practiced daily become routine, natural, and second nature, making our toddlers’ paths a little easier. Toddler Tootsies Take on the Day! demonstrates that these habits can be explored and embraced with a good attitude to become fun. It helps to make hard things toddlers need to learn a little easier. Matt and Mattie show how joy and happiness in routines can occur through rhyming, friendship, and interactive play. The book can be used as a learning tool to discuss many of life’s lessons. When toddlers are crying or difficult, it can become an interactive book sure to bring smiles and action.

Aside from the important lessons of healthy choices in learning routines, the other subjects can be explored and discussed with your toddler, such as friends, good attitude, diversity, and confidence. Parents can interact with toddlers when reading the short, rhyming message and by finding hidden toe icons. This piques their interest because it is something they are able to do. Ask your own toddler if they can say good morning in a different language as presented in the book. Discover what play activity is their favorite. What clothes would they choose for themselves? Why do they clean up after themselves? This is sure to be a fun book to be read again and again during the toddler years. I hope you find health, happiness, and routines in your toddler’s life! Follow Matt and Mattie—they’ll show you the way!

Meet the Author:


Marsha K. Nowakowski is a loving wife, dedicated mother to three children, and a “grammie” to her grandchildren.

This is Marsha’s debut book for toddlers. She has spent forty years in the healthcare industry, primarily as a cardiac nurse. Her inspiration for writing Matt and Mattie’s Adventures developed from her own observations that patients who recovered more quickly exhibited healthy habits and good attitudes toward life. As a mother and grammie, Marsha recognized the need for books teaching healthy habits to help young ones develop into successful people who always do their best.

Matt and Mattie’s Adventures makes everyday habits fun, balanced, and adventuresome for toddlers. Marsha’s own adventures include travel, horseback riding, and reading. She also enjoys golf, baseball games, and sailing with her husband. According to Marsha, every day is an adventure!

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