We are Celebrating Summer with Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #34



This week our Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge    is brought to us by Jen!

“The challenge this week is to go all out and celebrate summer! You can create a Twilight themed summer piece or you can celebrate your own summer plans or a fantastic summer that has passed.”

So I created a digital scrapbook page based on what I

thought Bella and Edward would have done during their summer months together.

 our summer

I went for a simple but fun look for this. I wanted to give the idea that Bella and Edward just hung out together. That this was a time for them to become a stronger, closer couple. This is what I would have done if I had been serious about someone when I was that age.

So what did I do when I was in high school during the summer? Well I would go to camp and on choir tours with my church. I hung out with my friends, babysit and I would read. A lot!!

This summer will be busy for us. Right now we have 2 kids at camp (the same one I used to go to!). Next week my oldest will be going on choir tour to Alabama (also the same choir tour I used to go on!).

Later we will be celebrating Father’s Day, several birthdays and one of my favorite holidays – the 4th of July! This week I will be attending a home school meeting and ordering my supplies for the next school year and I will be attending a Rubber Stamp convention in July.

Our only plans to get away this summer is to go see my family out in East Texas (I promise Mom!). Hopefully we will also be going out to our land for a visit. We can’t stay long, there is a large pond so we have a lot of mosquitoes out there right now! Eeeek!

So that is just some of the things we will be doing the next few months!

Now it is your turn to visit Twilight Tuesday if you haven’t already! Jen is giving out our blog candy this month and it is gorgeous!!! You will love it!

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