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Review: Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Colors Plus Chinese White Tube


Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Colors Plus Chinese White Tube

Purchased from: Amazon


  • Brilliant colors and excellent lightfastness
  • Set features a push-button box and includes a tube of Chinese White
  • Hollowed paint tablets for quicker solubility
  • Removable lid with large mixing pans
  • Colors included: Black, Carmine Red, Flesh, Magenta, Vermilion, Yellow, Orange, Lemon, Indian Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Turquoise Blue, Cyan Blue, Blue Green, Olive Green, French Green, Yellow Green, Burnt Sienna, Natural Umber, Gold and Silver.
  • Made in Germany. Pelikan – a strong brand at your side.


I have fallen in love with water coloring in my Bible. So when I came across this set of paints by Pelikan and heard some wonderful things about them, well, I knew I had to give them a chance! When they arrives I was a bit worried. The box was a little worn and it look like I had order a child’s set of paints because of the cartoon elephants on the front.


This set is in a 2 tier plastic blue and black box and comes with a tube of white paint. The box separates into two sections. The top section is blue and the bottom is black. All the cakes are separated in individual pans and are removable. They do not sell replacement paints here in the USA but you can fill them with your own paint once they are empty.


The names of the paint are embossed in the top blue box but they are in German. The bottom black box does not have the names of the paint in it. The lid is detachable and it has 8 mixing wells. You can fit 2 brushes inside the set and close the lid with no problem.


Now this set is very opaque and dries with a very light texture. As you see below it is perfect for Bible Journaling!


I love using watercolors as a way to give the paper a bit of color while still being able to read the words. These paints do a marvelous job of doing just that!


Now I am not an artist at all but I thought I would try my hand at actually painting something and seeing how they do. This page is about the Israelites fixing the gates around Jerusalem. So I free handed a stone gate on my page. Honestly I was quite impressed with how well it turned out!

I am very pleased with this Pelikan Watercolor set and I will be using it often in my Bible journaling.


The opinions and impressions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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