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Review: Derwent Colored Pencils, Drawing, Art, Colorsoft, 72-Pack


Derwent Colored Pencils, Drawing, Art, Colorsoft, 72-Pack

Purchased from: Amazon

  • Derwent Colorsoft Colored Pencils offer a velvety soft core is perfect for mixing and blending; the perfect mix of a colored pencil and a pastel; hues are rich and the barrels are sturdy for a sure grip; lightfastness ranges from 2 to 8
  • As their name implies they have a really soft texture which brings out the richness of the color that, together with their nice wide color strip, allows you to build up color really quickly; ideal for bold still-life drawings or contemporary landscapes
  • Durable metal tin includes 72 pencils, each of a standard color range some of which include Acid Yellow, Deep Cadmium, Deep Fuchsia, Blush Pink, Bright Lilac, Indigo, Electric Blue, Lime Green, Lichen Green, Ochre, Dark Terracotta, Persian Grey, and More!
  • Coloursoft Pencils by Derwent- Set of 72 in a Metal Tin…These soft smooth velvety colored pencils can be mixed and blended to create an infinite spectrum of rich vibrant color. Ideal for a wide range of drawing styles from finely detailed illustrations to bold contemporary still life and portraiture. The color glides smoothely over a wide variety of drawing surfaces. Soft textured leads allow the quick lay down of solid blocks of vibrant color. Layer upon layer can be applied for deep luscious color. The pencils themselves are made from top quality Californian incense cedar for easy sharpening. Acid free and tested for lightfastness.Coloursoft sets come in a reusable tin. Each tin has a plastic holder for each pencil- or you can remove the plastic holder to make space for your eraser and sharpener!


These were on sale and I had a gift card so I had to get them and give them a try. So happy I did!

FYI – These are not the watercolor pencils. They are on my list to get though.

And I am not an artist, just a coloring enthusiast!

This set of 72 Colorsoft colored pencils come in a wonderful tin box for easy and secure storage.  There are two trays in it that holds all the pencils.


These colored pencils come pre-sharpened. They are each numbered and everyone of them has its own individual color name on it. I really love that feature! They are a really nice size, they seem a bit bigger than normal colored pencils. Easy to grip and use while coloring.


Coloursoft are not pastel pencils but they are a very soft colored pencil. Perfect for blending but I would not use them for drawing. So they fit my needs perfectly.


The picture above and below show what these pencils can do when you are just coloring. I did not blend the colors in anyway. I was able to lay down a good amount of color without getting a waxy bloom (wax or oil rising to the surface).



The picture above and below show you the difference using a blending stump and Gamsol*. I am very pleased with these results and plan on using these color pencils when I color in my coloring books or do Bible journaling.


Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out these great Derwent Colorsoft Colored Pencils!

**Supplies used for this review were purchased from Amazon:

“My Favorite KJV Verses to Color” Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits Bottle, 4.2oz
Stumps And Tortillions Set – 2 PACK

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