The BLOG AHEAD Challenge!

This challenge is hosted by:

Herding Cats & Burning Soup

Blog Ahead 2016-Oct

The Dates:

Begins– Oct 1

Ends– Oct 31

The Challenge:

The goal is to hunker down for the month of October and increase the number of scheduled posts you have by 30.

My Goal:

I currently have 20 scheduled. I am looking to have 30+ more scheduled by Oct 31st.

Below I will keep track with how I am doing all month long.

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October 1st-

Spent the day with my family!

October 2nd-

Worked on my October posts…

One post for November!

October 3rd-

Worked on October again. I am really needing to finish up this month!

October 4th-

Worked on October.

October 17th-

1 post for November

I am just not doing good on this challenge. I have a lot of posts scheduled on my calendar for the next two months but the different groups I am working with have not sent me the materials I need to prepare the posts. That and my family keeping me busy means I have a total of 4 posts for November ready to go!

October 25th-

I have been busy but I am finally getting some stuff done and now I have a total of 22 post ready to go!



22 posts


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