Decorating My New (to me) Pen Holder!


I love going to garage sale and finding things I need and could use around my house or in my craft space. Recently I went to one and came across this wonderful Pampered Chef TOOL TURN-ABOUT for just a couple of dollars. It works great so of course I had to get it… for my pens, pencils and more…


After I put everything in it that I wanted I started to realize that it looked a bit plain. So I dug through my boxes of washi tape until I found this wide pink one I bought on clearance at Michaels. Without taking my pens out I put it on. As you can see it did not go on perfectly straight…


It looks nice but I felt it needed a little bit more.. I I came across these two washi tapes and added them to it…


I love the final look! It feels more like me and looks great on my desk. It is very helpful to have when I need a certain pen…


Now I can’t wait to see what I find at another garage sale!

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