Review: Last Chance Rebel (Copper Ridge #6) by Maisey Yates


Last Chance Rebel (Copper Ridge #6) by Maisey Yates

Published August 30th 2016

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The prodigal son of Copper Ridge, Oregon, has finally come home

The man who ruined Rebecca Bear’s life just strolled back into it with one heck of an offer. Years ago, Gage West’s recklessness left Rebecca scarred inside and out. Now he wants to make amends by gifting her the building that houses her souvenir store. Rebecca won’t take Gage’s charity, but she’s willing to make a deal with the sexy, reclusive cowboy. Yet keeping her enemy close is growing dangerously appealing…

He’s the wild West brother, the bad seed of Copper Ridge. That’s why Gage needs the absolution Rebecca offers. He just didn’t expect to need her. After years of regretting his past, he knows where his future lies—with this strong, irresistible woman who could make a black sheep come home to stay…

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I will admit I had a hard time with Last Chance Rebel by Maisey Yates. I had been waiting for Gage’s story for awhile and to find out why he left Copper Ridge and his family was not really what I had been expecting.

When Gage was seventeen he caused a terrible car accident that seriously hurt Rebecca Bear. It is years later and Rebecca still carries the scars, on her body and on her soul. Gage also has scars from that night and has come back to Copper Ridge to help out his family with their finances and to hopefully help out Rebecca. They both have a lot of forgiveness and healing to do before they can move on..

Last Chance Rebel is the sixth book in the Copper Ridge series by Maisey Yates. I do feel that to get the most enjoyment out of this book you should consider reading this series in the order it has been published in. You will gain a lot of insight into the characters and situations once you do.

*I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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