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Review: Run to You (Risking It All #1) by Rachel Lacey


Run to You (Risking It All #1) by Rachel Lacey

Published: August 30th 2016

Purchased from: Amazon

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Moments after meeting the most gorgeous guy ever, Gabby Winters promptly gets stung by a zillion yellowjackets and falls-not gracefully-into a stream. Yup, Ethan Hunter is trouble with a capital “hot,” and Gabby definitely needs to keep her distance. Except in the small town of Haven, there’s nowhere to hide from Ethan’s sexy, infectious grin . . . and all the residents are conspiring against her.

At the center of the town’s matchmaking is Ethan’s grandmother, who’s convinced their relationship is a done deal. Rather than break her heart, Gabby and Ethan find themselves cornered into pretending to be falling in love. The problem: there’s serious sizzling attraction between them. And if this charade continues, they won’t fool just the entire town – they might fool themselves too . . .blog border

Run to You is a cute romance that seems to have it’s up and downs. Gabby is running from an abusive boyfriend and Ethan is dealing with his grandmother who is about to die, starting a new business and wanting to have a short term relationship with Gabby.

I will admit that Ethan is not my favorite hero that I have read about. Honestly if it was my grandmother about to die I would be spending every moment I could with her. Instead he and Gabby enter a fake relationship (that slowly becomes real) to give his grandmother hope that he will not end up alone.

Now near the end of the book Ethan gets mad at Gabby over something I think is stupid. He throws a fit and is kind of ugly to her. Yet somehow Gabby still loves him and wants to be with him. Since she knows that this is what his grandmother wants as well she decides not to give up on him…

Run to You is the first in the Risking It All series by Rachel Lacey. It is a good book to read on a hot summer day. I enjoyed it enough that I am looking forward to the next book Crazy for You which is due to be released March of next year.

Rock with You (Risking It All 0.5) by Rachel Lacey is a 80 page novella that is already out.Rock with You (Risking It All, #0.5)

*I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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