Spray Paint It Saturday: 2 Desk Caddies!

When I go out shopping no matter what store I go in I have to check out the clearance aisle to see if there are an deal I can’t live without. When I went to Michaels I came across this caddy that was 70% off. I am not a fan of the blue color so when my Hubby suggest spray painting it… well I knew what color is just had to be!


So it was getting late in the day and the horseflies and mosquitoes were out in force. So of course I was in a rush to get these done and I could not find my painters tape. I ended up using regular masking tape which didn’t work too bad.


It took only a few minutes and it was purple! I love this color and while it did not turn out 100% perfect due to me being in a rush it still looks wonderful. I could not wait for it to dry…


It now sits on my new desk and I couldn’t be happier!


This little box was also on clearance for a couple of dollars. I like the turquoise color but I wanted to add a little purple to it. So I decided to just paint the outside of it.


Just a few quick sprays and the outside was covered. The inside did get a few touches of purple but I don’t mind.


It is now on my desk holding my Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett salt and pepper shakers that I found. I am very pleased with it and I can’t wait to find something new to spray paint!


Thanks so much for popping by today. I hope I inspired you to spray paint something!


Let me know what you think or if you have a question!

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