Review: Newisland 4X4X4 Puzzle Speed Cube Sticker Magic Cube


Newisland 4X4X4 Puzzle Speed Cube Sticker Magic Cube, with Instruction and a Carrying Bag, Super Durable and Smooth Play with Vivid Color

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  • Superior Combination: Combines high performance designs with good value.
  • Superb Rotation and Smooth Play: Updated structure designed for easy-turning, speed-cubing and tension-adjusting. The improved anti-pop technoplogy supports super fast turning. Highly recommended cube set.
  • High Quality Material: Solid colored stickers for longer used. Eco-friendly plastic product does harmless to human and environment.
  • Intelligence Development: Perfect for both children and adults to play with.
  • In the box: Newisland 4X4X4 Speed Cube comes with a method card, a set of stickers, and a customized cube bag for easier carrying.


So who doesn’t love these cube games! From my youngest child who is two to my dad who is in his 70s these cubes bring endless hours of fun and competition to any family gathering.


One of my sons helped me out by playing with this Newisland 4X4X4 Puzzle Speed Cube. It is a well made game cube. It feels similar to ones we already own.


The stickers on the cube haven’t shown any sign of wear but if they do the company did send an extra page of each color sticker. So if one starts to fray around the edges or even falls off  it’s very easy to replace it. This cube also comes with instructions and a storage pouch.


My son had a blast playing with this cube. He has yet to put it back the way it was. It is very challenging and he loves it!

This game cube would make a fun gift or stocking stuffer for anyone!


*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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