Review: Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor #5) by Debbie Macomber

Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor #5)

Sweet Tomorrows (Rose Harbor #5)
by Debbie Macomber

To be released: August 2 2016

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Nine months ago, Mark Taylor abruptly left Cedar Cove on a perilous mission to right a wrong from his past. Though Mark finally confessed his love for her, innkeeper Jo Marie Rose is unsure if he’s ever coming back. The Rose Harbor Inn barely seems the same without Mark, but Jo Marie can’t bear to lose herself in grief once more. Determined to move forward, she begins dating again, and finds companionship when she takes on a boarder who is starting a new chapter herself.

Recovering from a twice-broken heart, Emily Gaffney, a young teacher, is staying at the inn while she looks for a home of her own. Having given up on marriage, Emily dreams of adopting children someday. She has her eye on one house in particular—with room for kids. Although Emily’s inquiries about the house are rudely rebuffed, her rocky start with the owner eventually blossoms into something resembling friendship. But when the relationship verges on something more, Emily will have to rethink what she truly wants and the chances she’s willing to take.

The inn seems to be working its magic again—Emily opening herself up to love, Jo Marie moving on—until Jo Marie receives shocking news.


Normally I do not enjoy reading books that are written in split character narratives. Yet Ms. Macomber makes it work and it was one of the most enjoyable books I have read this year.

Jo Marie Rose is coming to realize that Mark Taylor may not be coming back to her. She receives a disturbing postcard from him and then nothing. After contacting a friend of her late husband who is in the military, she begins to lose hope that he is living…

Emily Gaffney has dealt with heartache a few times and because she is unable to have children she decided to give up on men. She comes to Cedar Cove to start over and to buy a large house so that she can foster and adopt children. When she finds her dream home she also find that the owner is quite rude and her dreams for this house might not come true.

Mark is out there, hanging by a thread. It is not until he hears Jo Marie’s voice does he try to pull through and come back to her. But have the changes from the past year been too great for them all to overcome?

I could not put this book down. Once I got into it the story just flowed and I had to find out what was going to happen next. Emily’s story is a wonderful addition to Jo Marie’s and this book is a sweet and touching way to end this beloved series.

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