Spray Paint It Saturday–The Purple Planter!

Hubby gave ma a large planter to put one of my roses in. I did not like the brown color of it at all and decided to paint it purple. Now I have never sprayed painted anything plastic before. So I wasn’t sure how hard or how easy it would be.

Here is the pot before I painted it:


This is the spray paint I used:


I have to say that this spray paint was very easy to use and my finger was not in any pain after spraying this whole pot three times.


First coat of paint…


second coat…


Last coat of paint!


I also sprayed inside the rim of the pot so that once my rose is planted it will look like the whole pot is purple.


I am very pleased with the color and I love how well it turned out. I am using this big planter to help block part of my yard from being driven on.


Now I am waiting for the paint to dry and set. As soon as I plant my rose and set it up I will update on how it looks.


Have you used spray paint to fix something up? I am looking around my yard to see what I can paint next…

Thanks so much for popping in today!


    • Dani says:

      I don’t spray paint very often but after seeing how well this pot turned out I may just have to find some more things to paint!

    • Dani says:

      I like how easy it was to use and how quickly it dried. The color is very vibrant and it stands out nicely in my yard.

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