Flowers for Friday

My 13 year old son was helping take pictures this past week outside. He walked around for awhile and I guess he took some pictures all on his own because this was what I found when I down loaded them…


All of these were taken in my garden that I desperately need to clean out. Each of these rose bushes were given to me as a gift from my Hubby and kids.


I thought my son did a really good job capturing them.


I like it that he even took pictures of the ones that were dying.


He did such a good job I may have him do it again for me!


So that is it. I hope you like the pictures he took and I hope they bring a little sunshine into your day like they did mine!

Have a great weekend!


  1. XmasDolly says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous. It tells me someone loves what they’re doing and I do appreciate you sharing this love with all of us. I unfortunately only look at these in pictures due to being allergic to bee stings. Thank you again. They’re amazing!

    • Dani says:

      Oh no!
      I actually cut a few the other day and brought them in the house. I put them in a vase on my dining room table and when my husband came in for lunch he went to smell them and found a bee in one of the flowers! I was amazed it never left the flower while I was working with it!

  2. Pierced Wonderings says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Your son did an excellent job of capturing them., We bought a house a year ago and this spring have started working on reviving what was apparently a showpiece of a yard. We planted some beautiful rose bushes out front – now I just have to keep them alive lol!

    I host a Photo Friday link-up; I’d love it if you considered joining us!

    Stopping by from That Friday Blog Hop!

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