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Product Review: LED Dimmable Candelabra Bulbs by TGMOLD

TGMOLD LED Dimmable Candelabra Bulbs, 6W Daylight White 5000K LED Chandelier Bulb, 60-Watt Light Bulbs Equivalent, E12 Candelabra Base LED Light Bulbs, 550 Lumens LED Lights (Pack of 3)

They are available on Amazon


  • Electricity bill saving–Replace a 60w traditional light bulb by a 6w LED,with 360 degrees light angles.
  • Excellent performance–Daylight white 4000K,give off a bright illumination,550 Lumens,fully dimmable.
  • Easy to install–LED Candelabra bulb,E12 Screw Base,no lead or mercury,dimension:102*35*35mm.
  • Extremely long life–Rated life span 30000 hours,reduce frequency of replacing light bulbs,1 year warranty.
  • Elegant design–No UV or IR,visually appealing and durable.CE,ROHS,FCC compliant.



For some reason Hubby and I just have not gotten on the LED light bandwagon like most of our friends. Not sure why exactly, maybe it is because our old light bulb still work fine and we kind of see it as a waste of money to purchase new light bulbs when the old ones still work

So when a few of our lights went out in our living room fan I knew it was time to get some of these LED light bulbs. The first thing I noticed when they arrived is how well packaged they are.



Very impressive packaging and all the light bulbs arrived very safe and sound. I kind of like how they look…


They appear to be very well made. They fit perfectly in the light sockets and they all came on when I turned them on.

Wow! Talk about a very white and clear light. We are so impressed with how well they lit up the room. After sitting under the lights we all noticed something. The room did not heat up. When we would leave the lights one with normal bulbs the room would eventually become very warm and we would have to turn off the lights to cool it down. This is not fun in the summer time.

Not with these LED bulbs! We ended up keeping them on for several hours and our room temperature never changed. That is awesome!



I wanted to really give you an idea how white this light is. So I put one in my bedroom fan where I have a warm colored LED light bulb. You cannot miss the difference!


We have used these LED Dimmable Candelabra Bulbs by TGMOLD this past week and they are working out wonderfully! We are very pleased with the quality and will be purchasing more as the rest of our fans lights go out.

So have you switched over to LED light bulbs? Have you noticed a saving in your electric bills with them? That is something I am looking forward to seeing.


*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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