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CD Review: Close to Home by Laura Sullivan


Close to Home: Celtic Music, Scarborough Fair, Shenandoah, All Through the Night, Red River Valley, Simple Gifts, Relaxation, Yoga, Spa, Soothing, New Age, Meditation, Relaxing, Soft Music CD

by Laura Sullivan



Simple Gifts

She Moved Through the Fair

The Ash Grove

Red River Valley

Spancil Hill


Scarborough Faire

The Water Is Wide

Si Beag Si Mor

All Through the Night


This is the music you play when you are having a stressful day. As soon as the first few songs have been played you feel the stress draining away and your blood pressure starts to go down. I know this for a fact because it happened to me today.

This lovely CD of beautiful Celtic music by Laura Sullivan is so wonderful to listen to. My children even enjoy it. My two youngest children fell asleep on the couch when I played it in the living room yesterday afternoon. One of my sons asked if he could borrow the CD so he could play it before bedtime. That is just the kind of a CD it is. Peaceful, relaxing and timeless. No matter what your age or what you have going on in your life songs like Scarborough Faire and The Ash Grove will speak to you. I am so thankful I have a copy of this music to play in my home.

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