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CD Review: Love’s River by Laura Sullivan


Love’s River: Calming Music, Soothing Music, Background Music, Dinner Music, New Age Music, Spa Music, Yoga Music, Relaxing Piano Music, Meditation Music
By Laura Sullivan



Secrets from the Deep

Wishing on a Dandelion

Awakening to Love


Holding Heaven

Moonlight Passage

Love’s River


River to the Sea

Story of the Rain

Snowfall on Water


It’s my daughter’s naptime which means it is a time for me to rest a few moments during my busy day. I lay her down, pop this CD in my player and sit down with a cup of English Breakfast tea and a book I have been trying to read. The music starts and it gently flows over us. My daughter is asleep in moments (that is a miracle!) and I find myself relaxed.

This CD is beyond words. The music takes you on a peaceful journey and is the perfect backdrop to my book, just what I need to hear. One song goes almost straight into another so you never have to leave the world your imagination has created.

It is hard to choose a favorite out of this beautiful CD by the very talented Laura Sullivan but I have to say I am constantly drawn to the song Moonlight Passage. There is just something about this song that speaks to me. This CD is one I highly recommend. It would make a lovely gift to your favorite someone.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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