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Bible Journaling on Instagram

I have been lax at showing you what I have been Bible Journaling during the week. so I thought I would try something new and show you what I posted on Instagram during the week. This week I had two posts about what I am working on in Ezekiel. I am still playing around with […]

Proud Mom Moment!

As a Mom of 8 kids, I always have a reason to be proud of each and every one of them. Here are two that are doing some really neat things! My oldest daughter Sarah made these cute Car Scenties for Christmas and now people are asking for them! Check her out on Instagram @sarahs_car_scenties […]

Happy Birthday Cardinal Card

At first look, this looks like a Christmas Card. We have a family member who just loves cardinals and the special symbolism behind them like this: “Cardinals are seen during all 12 months of the year. … Native American lore holds that if you have encountered a cardinal, expect good luck to follow, possibly in 12 hours, 12 days, […]

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