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Gel Pens Giveaway and Review: Set 48 in Case for Kids and Adult Coloring Books by Colorfest


Gel Pens Quality Set 48 in Case for Kids and Adult Coloring Books by Colorfest

I purchased mine on Amazon.


  • GREAT COLORS – 14 glitter, 12 neon, 10 metallic, 7 pastel and 5 regular coloring pens in vibrant rainbow colors. Included as well are duplicates of the 6 neon, glitter gold & silver and basic red as they are the most popular colors as we want your set to last as long as possible.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Smooth flowing non-toxic quick dry ink, no skipping, smearing, clumping or bleed. Each pen has a comfort grip handle and snug fitting cap to protect the nib. The nib sizes range from 1.00mm to 0.6mm for all smaller detail. The ink is non toxic and acid-free.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Perfect for coloring books, scrapbooking, journals, Doodles, Mandalas, arts & crafts
  • HANDY CASE – Case with individual slots for each pen so you can take them with you anywhere
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA – A favorite with all ages – children to seniors – whether new to coloring or not. They are great for Kids – Adult Coloring – Arts & Crafts – Card Making – Scrapbooking – Journals – Office – Students – Mandalas – Doodle Art & Zentangles – Mind Maps – Gifts.


I have been using gel pens for years but it is only recently that I have started coloring with them. It is so hard to find quality gel pens. I have used some that bleed all over your paper as soon as it touches, some that dry up way too quickly and some that just don’t work no matter what you do! When I saw this set (isn’t it lovely!) of gel pens by Colorfest I just had to give them a try!


These pens arrived very quickly and well packaged. The storage case they come in is nice and very easy to use. I like that I am able to see all of the pens when I am coloring. I find that it makes it so much easier to find the color I need to use.


 Colorfest emailed me these two coloring sheets that I was able to print and use as soon as the pens arrived. That was so nice of them! I like the small pictures, they are very fun to color! They are perfect for these gel pens.


I used the neon colors to color this cool butterfly. These pens are easy to use and the ink flows just perfectly. It also dries quickly so I did not smear it while I was working. I like how well all the colors work together.


This one I used the glitter pens to color it. I love glitter pens and these work so well. The glitter really looks wonderful and the colors you get are so pretty! I really like how this mandala circle turned out!

This Colorfest set gives you a fantastic selection of colors and types of gel pens in this large set. I am so very pleased with them that I cannot wait to use them in my favorite coloring books!


 I am so happy to announce that Colorfest is give one lucky reader their own set of Gel Pens!

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*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I was not paid for this post and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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Multi Prize Giveaway: Lurking in the Shadows edited by: Jaidis Shaw

 photo Lurking-in-the-Shadows-CR-Banner.png  photo Lurking in the Shadows SM.png

Title:  Lurking in the Shadows
Edited by: Jaidis Shaw
To Be Published:  June 28th, 2016
Publisher:  CHBB Publishing
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal
Embrace the darkness.
Murderous entities, haunted houses, screaming banshees, and sympathetic necromancers are just a few of the chilling things you’ll encounter in this anthology. Follow our authors into the shadows … if you dare.
Stories featured in this anthology include the following:
“An Empty Building” by Jacqueline E. Smith
“Bump in the Night, Inc” by Melody Black
“Dorcha Scath” by Liz Butcher
“Living Nightmare” by Savannah Rohleder
“Lizzie” by Tania Hagan
“On Two Lane Roads” by Shelly Schulz
“Release” by E.M. Fitch
“Revenant” by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
“Scream for the Night” by Gina A. Watson
“Too Young To Kill” by Lily Luchesi
Add Lurking in the Shadows to your GoodReads TBR!
 photo CHBB-Where-Dreams-Take-Flight.png
Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • Kindle copy of Death Love Lust by Various
  • Kindle copy of Destiny Awaits by Jaidis Shaw
  • Ebook copy of The Cure by Tania Hagan
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card
Giveaway is International.
Ends May 1st at 11:59PM (EDT)

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Spotlight: She Captured My Love by Karen Frances

Title :She Captured My Love (Captured #4)
Author :  Karen Frances
Release Day Blitz 28th April
Hosted by: Hooked on book’s & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

She’s Captured my Love (Captured, #4)

They say everything in life happens for a reason…

Me? I just think life can be cruel. What was the reason my wife was so tragically taken from me, from her family? Leaving behind a beautiful baby girl.


I no longer look to the future. I live day by day.

These last few months have been the darkest of my life. But I’m still here, getting by with the help and support of those closest to me. My sister has been my rock. Don’t know where I would be without her. Even with all her own troubles, she has always been at my side to help me.

But what happens when the very beautiful, confident, and sexy American Sophie Mathews enters my life?

She is a breath of fresh air. But stirs up feelings and emotions that I thought I had pushed to the back of my mind.

Is it too soon to move on from my past? Or are my ghosts going to haunt me forever?


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$10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Outback Promise by Maggie Bolitho

 photo Outback-Promise-Banner.png

 photo Outback-Promise.png

Title:   Outback Promise
Author:  Maggie Bolitho
Published:  November 1st, 2015
Publisher:   HarperCollins Australia – Impulse Imprint
Genre:  Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Recommended Age:  18+
Synopsis:  Tragedy. Betrayal. Hope
After losing their only child, Roslyn and Grady Balfour’s lives are destroyed, shattering their perfect marriage. When Ros discovers Grady’s infidelity, it sets their love on a destructive downward spiral. Grady hopes that three months together camping will rekindle what was lost so long ago.
Attempting to repair their broken marriage, Ros and Grady set out on a journey of self-discovery and redemption deep into the Australian outback. Packing resentment and bitterness along with them on their quest, the couple struggles with what they’ve lost. Forced to battle the challenges of the other travelers along with the dangers of the harsh outback, their only chance for survival lies in facing the secrets of the past. Will Ros and Grady find a way to hold onto each other when everything else has fallen apart?
Excerpt from Outback Promise by Maggie Bolitho
Having agreed to go on a three-month trip into the outback with her husband, protagonist Ros meets her best friend Suzanne for lunch:
Suzanne refilled both our glasses. How many bottles of wine had we shared over the years? I eased my glass to my lips and emptied half of it.
‘Does it have to be camping?’
[…] she set her fork down and cleared her throat. ‘Okay, you can stop the act now – what I really want to know is, when’s the big divorce?’
It took every bit of my willpower to bite back the first questions that sprang into my head. How did you find out? What do you know? I speared a small green leaf and chewed slowly, half-smiling at her. My pulse raced as I tried to imagine what she’d heard and how.
She drained her glass of chardy while her attention lit on a surfer half her age strutting past on the beach below. When I didn’t answer she continued, ‘You know – the two of you. Sleeping in a tent. Nothing around but dirt, dingos, and drongos. How long’s that going to last?’
‘Not so fast. There is some good in all of this.’
‘Like what?’
‘Grady and I are planning and doing things together. I can’t remember the last time we shared a project or worked to the same goal.’
‘I guess this trip is better than him buying a sports car and taking on a mistress.’ She gestured for the bill with a wiggle of her fingers. ‘Now that’s a laugh. Grady, the most loyal man ever to draw breath, having an affair. There’s one thing you’ll never have to worry about!’
I put on my sunglasses and ignored the lies that hung between us. Six years earlier Suzanne knew every detail about me, large and small. She had been at my side when I miscarried my first child and again when Cadel was born. While we rejoiced at the birth of my beautiful baby, she consoled me over the emergency hysterectomy I’d undergone.
‘One healthy baby will bring you unlimited joy. Quality trumps quantity,’ she said and kissed Cadel’s tiny fists.
Now I couldn’t even tell her how a stray voice at the Supershow had almost stopped my heart. She didn’t know that far from being the most loyal man on earth, Grady had inflicted fresh pain when the old wounds weren’t fully healed. She also didn’t know how close we’d come to bankruptcy when he had managed our finances. She saw what the outside world was meant to see: two people, affectionate and loyal, the public face of our marriage. I needed a holiday in ways she could never guess.
 photo Maggie-Bolitho.png
About the Author:
A free range child, Maggie Bolitho grew up on an island in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. She spent her formative years constructing alternative universes, flying under the radar and wishing for 20/20 vision.
She set out to see the world shortly after her 17th birthday. Eventually she met and fell in love with a wild colonial boy. After five years of futile resistance, she moved to Melbourne, Australia and married him. In 2007, Maggie and her husband made Canada their permanent home. They now live in a leafy suburb on that island where Maggie grew up and neither of them wishes to be anywhere else, except for when memories of the sunburnt country beckon.
While living Down Under, she started writing fiction and explored the outback. In 2015 HarperCollins Australia published her novel Outback Promise. Her debut novel Lockdown (YA) was published in 2014. Some of her adult short stories appear in different anthologies in the US, Canada, and Australia. She has had poetry published in Quills Canadian Poetry magazine.
Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • A $10 Amazon gift card.
Giveaway is International.
Ends May 1st at 11:59 PM ET

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