Monthly Giveaways

Here is a list of current giveaways that can be found on my blog.

Every day I am adding new giveaways so be sure to check back often!

Have fun and good luck!


$20 Amazon gift card and Swag Giveaway: Alaskan Hideaway By Beth Carpenter (7/18) – ends July 18th


Book Giveaway: All-American Cowboy by Dylann Crush – ends July 18th


Book Giveaway: To Catch a Texas Star by Linda Broday – ends July 19th


Book Giveaway: The New Adventures of A.R. Achnid by Sandi Smith – July 20th


Book Giveaway: The Last Dance by Lonna Enox  – ends July 20th


Book Giveaway: Through a Broken Heart by Colleen Meissner (7/21) – ends July 21st


Book Giveaway: EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN by Author Jessica Redmerski – ends July 21st


Book Giveaway: Sophie Washington: Mission Costa Rica by Tonya Duncan Ellis – ends July 21st

$25 Amazon Gift Code: The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham – ends July 24th


Book Giveaway: The Pumpkin Patch by Sandi Smith – ends July 27th


Book Giveaway: What Does God Sound Like? by Bernie DiPasquale (7/28) – ends July 28th


Book Giveaway: Affair with a Spare by Shana Galen – ends July 29th


$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: The Songs of You and Me by Mylissa Demeyere – ends July 29th


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