About Me

Dani Chapman

I have been a reader since I was a young child. In fact the only way my parents could punish me was to take away my books! My summers were filled with visits to the library and spending the hot Texas days with my nose deep in a book.

Now as an adult I am so blessed to be married my very own Prince Charming. He gave me my first Kindle Paperwhite and I never leave home without it. We have 7 kids one who is graduated and the rest I home school. Each day is a new adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our family has 2 dogs and now live in our own ‘100 Acre Woods’ in East Texas. Watching the wildlife and gardening are my newest hobbies. I also like to paper craft, cross stitching, aromatherapy, adult coloring, product reviewing and of course reading.

Why is my blog called Paulette’s Papers?

Yes, it is true that my name isn’t Paulette. That is actually my middle name. It is a family name, passed down from my great-grandmother. Since I inherited the name along with a love for reading and being creative I thought the perfect way to share that would be to name my blog Paulette’s Papers.

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