Review: LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils Set


Last month my sweet Hubby gave me this wonderful set of colored pencils by Lyra for my birthday. I have heard so many good things about them and I just couldn’t wait to use them.


LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Art Pencils, Set of 72, Assorted Colors

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  • Use for graphics, design and art
  • Metal box container
  • Brilliant, light fast, and water resistant
  • Smooth lead
  • Can be applied to paper, cardboard, synthetic materials, wood, and textiles

LYRA Rembrandt artist supplies are superior products for serious artists. LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils are top quality pencils for artists, graphic artists, designers and architects. With an assortment of 72 colors, Polycolor Pencils allow the user to fully explore his or her creativity. This outstanding selection offers a wide color range, from strong, full tones to the most delicate nuances. The brilliance, light fastness, water resistance, and particular smoothness of the leads meet the highest demands. Rembrandt Polycolor artists’ pencils enable the user to achieve fine, exact contours, as well as brilliantly colored areas and delicate merges. Apart from use on paper and cardboard, the colors can also be applied to synthetic materials, wood, and textiles. Draw, sketch design and empower your creativity with artist products from LYRA.


This is the set of 72 pencils. 70 of them are colored and 2 of them are blenders. They come pre-sharpened and everyone of them arrived in perfect condition. They sit on two trays and the top tray is easy to pull up because it has two paper handles. They are stored in a silver tin that feels pretty sturdy.


Aren’t they beautiful! Each pencil has it own number and is named. I love that! It makes using them so much easier when you want to blend them.


The back of the paper case cover has a color chart on that shows the color, number and name of each pencil. Very helpful!


I gave them a try in my new Inspire Proverbs Coloring Bible. I decided to use the Gamsol blending technique to see how well they blend.


I am so impressed!! Comfortable to hold, they are easy to color with and they blend perfectly! These are some of the best oil based pencils that I have worked with so far.


Here are the supplies I used:


  1. JakiJellz says:

    Colouring is something I get so into when doing it with my Little Man I often wonder if I should actually do some for myself. I just wish I had the time! These look lovely. #TwinklyTuesday

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