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The much anticipated next installment of
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Will a firebrand and her antagonist
discover passion of a different kind?
Book Cover
Cassandra Dean
Series: The Silk Series, Book 4
Genre: Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Victorian Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Most ladies dream of finding a husband, but Etta Wilding-Marsh dreams of the law. Establishing a law school for women is the determined firebrandÕs dearest ambition and she has no time for distraction and certainly no time for the wickedly handsome antagonist from her youth.
After years of annoying her from afar, Lord Christopher Hiddleston leaps at the chance to return to Cambridge and the fiery girl he has never forgotten. Now a successful Gothic novelist, Christopher will use his notoriety to support the school…and drive Etta wild.
A chance meeting leads to another, and then the firebrand and the antagonist find a passion of a different sort. But can a woman who dreams too much and a man who never does truly find a happily ever after?


Wine glass raised to her lips, Etta watched Christopher across the expanse of the dining table. Hair aflame in the candlelight, the shadows licked his cheekbones and caressed the cord of his neck. His gloved hand lay careless across his place setting, the fine white cloth stretched tight over his knuckles, the breadth of his hand…and that’s when she realised she was staring at Christopher Hiddleston’s hand.

She took a sip of wine. He and the duke conversed, discussing some gothic novel she’d never heard of. The evening had been torturous. No wonder she chose to stare at Christopher rather than face the fact that Gwen could barely look at her. Upon her arrival, Gwen had sat with her eyes lowered and her hands in her lap, and the duke had carried the conversation. The duke, it should be noted, did not wear the mantle of host well. The ensuring half hour had been one of the most awkward she’d ever endured, and not even the arrival of Christopher had alleviated it.

Christopher, to his credit, had taken on the duties of host, skilfully leading the conversation to mundane topics such as the weather and what entertainments would be held at the next ball. She’d snuck a glance at Gwen every half a moment or so, but she’d never caught her friend’s eye. Her former friend? Oh lord, she hoped not her former friend.

Chest tight, she placed her glass carefully on the table before her. She hadn’t so much to warrant such care, or she thought she hadn’t, but she couldn’t count on steady hands. She would think on other things, things that didn’t involve her oldest friendship or how it might be over. She would think instead of Christopher.

Why did she find him so fascinating? She’d merely glance at him, and then she’d find herself lost in contemplation of the cut of his cheekbones or the length of his lashes. Heat would swirl low in her belly, and she’d be overwhelmed with the urge to measure the length of his jaw with kisses…and then with her tongue.

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Praise for the Silk Series

An absolutely fabulous novella from their first letter until their last.
– Lady Rhyleigh, ARe Cafe on Silk & Scandal
It takes a special kind of talent to craft a compelling short story-it takes very unique talent indeed to create characters as engaging and sympathetic as those found in Cassandra Dean’s stories…
– Bridget, The Romance Reviews on Silk & Scorn


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About Cassandra Dean

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Cassandra Dean is the author of historical romance ranging from sweet to steamy, playing about in the eras, roaming from Ancient Rome to Victorian to the Old West and beyond. Her books take readers on an emotional rollercoaster, from the lowest of lows to the joyous of highs. And, of course, her characters fall into the forever kind of love.
Cassandra is proud to call South Australia her home, where she regularly cheers on her AFL football team and creates her next tale.
Visit CassandraÕs website at http://cassandradean.com
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Contact Cassandra at cassandra@cassandradean.com.
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