Elves Dolphin Colored Pencils Set of 72 with Tin Case


Elves Dolphin 72 No Duplicates Colors Pack Art Drawing Colored Pencils Set with Tin Case

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  • MULTIPLE COLORS – 72 Unique Accurate Vibrant Colors Pencils, Wide Color Gamut, Finding and Laying Down Any Color From The Vast Choice Easily, Ideal For Both Adults and Children.
  • PROFESSIONAL LEAD – 3.0mm Durable Lead Gives You Smooth and Uninterrupted Coloring, Premium Quality Materials Give Color-Intensive Results, Perfect Choice For Drawing Sketching Blending and Other Mixed Media Work.
  • SHARPEN EASILY – Sophisticated Wood Softening Process, Soft Wood with Solid Lead Makes Sharpening without Effort.
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGE – Two-Tier Designed Storage, Easy to Choosing or Replacing Your Color; Sturdy Tin Case, Protect the Pencils Well.
  • PERFECT GUARANTEE – Every of Our Products Promise 90-DAY Products Exchange or Full Money Back Guarantee.



As you know I love trying out different colored pencils. Each set I have tried (and use) is slightly different and I love that. This set of 72 colored pencils by Elves Dolphin come in a tin storage box. The box is a bit flimsy so extra care needs to be taken when moving it around.


These pencils are split up on to two flimsy plastic trays.



-One of the pencils arrived missing some of its lead. It is not in the box so it was put into the box without the lead. Another pencil is missing the very point of its lead. Not a deal breaker but just a bit of an annoyance.

There are no names, no numbers, nothing to use to tell apart these pencils from one another. Some of the colors are really similar so a name or a number would have been very helpful.


While these are not a high quality colored pencils, they are also not low quality either. They are on the lower end of middle quality.

What I am saying is that they are easy to use, comfortable to hold and the colors blended nicely when I use Gamsol. In other words – I won’t be giving this set to my kids to use!

The picture above you can see what they look like unblended. The picture below was take after I blended all the colors.


Do you see the difference blending does? Below is an up close picture of the honey dipper. I am very please with how it looks when blended.

20170204_171545 - Copy20170204_173044 - Copy

These are great colored pencils to color in when you want to color in a coloring book. I hope you enjoyed seeing how these pencils work.

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  1. SuziesView (@SuziesView) says:

    These pencils are seriously what I needed just a week ago. I was coloring and any markers I have was bleeding through the paper. I finally caved and bought pencils but these look way better and I love the case for easy choosing of colors! #productreviewparty on girl! Have an awesome weekend.

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