Giveaway: Earth’s End by Elise Kova

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Spotlight: Soulless Nights by Virginia Johnson

Title: Soulless Nights

Author: Virginia Johnson
Genre: Dark Romance
Release: 6th February
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Mature Audiences – May contain sensitive content

Deep in the city, where we’ve been taught to avoid the dark corners and alleys, monsters lurk within the weak cracks of our human emotions, waiting for the chance to break in.
With the loss of his grandfather, William runs to the streets without family or the knowledge of wealth he’s left behind. Spending years begging for food and money, William has learned the secrets that the city keeps hidden, making him one of the most versatile detectives the department has ever seen.

Losing the love of his life, with nothing more than a letter saying she’s sorry and spending five years tracking her, William has learned that she has entered the world where sex and money can make you very successful or may very well kill you in the process.
Kathryn has spent seven years on the streets, leaving behind her addicted, abusive mother and her sexual predator boyfriends. William proves to be the light she’s been longing for but when darkness shadows the truth she’s left to return to the streets in hiding with fear of the lies she’s faced with.

Kathryn must decide, work for Xander and sell her soul for sex or face the demons of her past and hope William understands she’s never forgotten him.



Virginia is a writer, reader and reviewer. She resides in Minnesota with her husband of fifteen years and their two wonderful children.

While not writing, Virginia works full-time in the Optical industry. She has a college diploma for small business management, marketing and gained certification as a Professional Wedding Planner.

Given many opportunities to break the stereotype, Virginia has paved the way for girls and women alike to do whatever they want. With practice and support, you can do anything you put your mind to. She mastered the art of music at a young age, learning to play dozens of musical instruments before graduating high school.

She was a pioneer in the sport of Women’s Wrestling, winning a state
championship in 1998. A few years later, she was crowned Rice Street Royalty in St. Paul.
Virginia has recently been introduced to the writing world. Her favorites include Wendy Stenzel-Oleston, Yolanda Olson, Jennifer L. Allen, Bryce Calderwood, Sara Preston, Ariel Marie, and Sydnee Dean.

All of these wonderful people had a part, with or without knowledge, of inspiring this new

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Giveaway: Burning Bright by Chanda Stafford

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Snippet: Backup Plan by Alisha Tanner

Blog ~Tour – Feb 1st – 5th  

Title: Backup Plan Series: The Unthinkable Series
(Book One)
Author: Alisha Tanner
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hosted by:  Hooked on book’s & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

“She’s given some meaning to the chaos that I happen to call a life, and I want more.”

If someone asked whether or not you wanted to know something that would be life altering, what would you say? Would it really be worth knowing at the risk of changing your world?

Dax Blakely wasn’t given this choice. With the unknown diagnosis of his brother lingering at the forefront of every thought, all he can do is immerse himself in thoughts focusing around the worst outcomes. When Dax learns of the bleak prognosis, he is unable to sit back and watch his world crumble, so he demands the top experts treat his only living family member.  The last thing he expects to interfere is an off-limits romance.

Being thrust into a position where he must quash his desires, Dax isn’t willing to let the woman he wants get away.  Unfortunately, he’s fallen and there’s no turning back. With her evading every advance, his need to pursue her grows deeper and deeper, until an unexpected familial turn of events makes him realize what he wants may not be what he really needs after all.
Alisha Tanner is a medical transcriptionist who lives in a small city in northern New Mexico with her husband and two children. Backup Plan is her first endeavor in the writing world and she is currently working on Stumbling Backward, the second installment of The Unthinkable Series. She enjoys spending time with her family while hiking, camping, and taking their two German Shepherds on adventures.


“Sorry B, you aren’t like other woman. And that’s not a rule. I’ll be waiting to hear from you. I don’t want to be left hanging.” I smirk at my play on words that go ignored and reluctantly remove my hand.

                “I never said that I had any intention of calling you. I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of you asking for my number by giving it instead. Anyways, I bet that you’ll be the one who caves and calls first.”

                “Would you like to make a wager on that?” I question.

                She purses her lips. “Nah, I’d hate to see you lose.”
                “Always so presumptuous, aren’t you? A little fact about me that you may like to know: I. Don’t. Lose. Oh, and I have every intention of talking to you again.”
                “This is never going to go anywhere, you know that, right?” she questions.
                “I like a challenge.” I shrug and pull away from her, playing with the interior door buttons, refusing to look her in the eye.

                “This isn’t a challenge. It’s not even an option.”
                I tip my ball cap and leave her to think about that. “Until next time.”
                I close her door and tap it as I turn to leave. I wonder what would happen if I had the balls to lean in and kiss her. I’m not certain, but I wouldn’t put it past her to slap me if I tried.
                While I walk away, I turn to see her and find her staring after me. I can’t refrain the urge to wink. Seeing her overcome by my antics is such a delight.

                She gulps and looks away.
                I continue my ascent to the street. Tonight was exactly the type of night I was needing. A reprieve from the stresses at home. A break from thoughts of Liam’s treatment. A chance to get to know Brighton on a personal level.

                I’m pleased with how the evening turned out and can only hope that there will be many more in the future. For now, I guess I should focus on my trip and the prospect of seeing her once I return. When I make my way back out, I shake my head at this new predicament.

                I think I’ve just opened a whole new world of trouble.



Follow Alisha Tanner on her website,

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Giveaway: The Sense of Touch by Ron Parsons

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 photo The-Sense-of-Touch.png

Title:  The Sense of Touch
Author:  Ron Parsons
Published:  May 1st, 2013
Publisher:   Aqueous Books
Genre:  Literary Fiction – A collection of short stories
Recommended Age:  15+
Synopsis:  Sprung from the variously lush, rugged, and frozen emotional landscapes of the north country, this luminous collection of stories captures the progress of a diverse ensemble of souls as they struggle to uncover themselves and negotiate a meaningful communion, of any kind, with the world around them.
A brilliant but troubled Bangladeshi physics student searches for balance, acceptance, and his own extraordinary destiny after his father disappears.
When a Halloween blizzard immobilizes Minneapolis, a young woman is forced to confront the snow-bound nature of her own relationships and emotions.
During an excursion to an idyllic swimming hole hidden in the Black Hills, two old friends unexpectedly compete for the affections of an irresistible, though married, Lakota woman.
Like a mythical expedition to reach the horizon or the quest to distill truth from the beauty around us, the revelation confirmed by these imaginative stories – elegant, sometimes jarring, always wonderfully absurd – is that the very act of reaching is itself a form of touch.
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads
Excerpt from The Sense of Touch:
For no reason that she could discern, she put down the novel and picked up her cell phone. She was lonely, yes, but had been so for as long as she cared to remember, and nothing seemed to be pressing that particular bruise, one of many, at the moment. Her loneliness was at a comfortable echelon: not growing like a tree, nor multiplying as a moss, but just simply there. A permanent, weathered embedded rock. A boulder in the wheat field. A bullet inside of a body, too dangerous to remove, around which tissue grows.
 photo Ron-Parsons.png
About the Author:
RON PARSONS is a writer living in Sioux Falls. Born in Michigan and raised in South Dakota, he was inspired to begin writing fiction in Minneapolis while attending the University of Minnesota. His short stories have appeared in many literary magazines and venues, including The Gettysburg Review, Indiana Review, Storyville App, The Briar Cliff Review, Flyway, and The Onion. His debut collection of stories, THE SENSE OF TOUCH, was released by Aqueous Books.
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  • A $100 Amazon gift card.
Giveaway is International.
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Giveaway: The Billionaire’s Touch by J.S. Scott


Title: The Billionaire’s Touch

Author: J.S. Scott

Publishing Date: February 2, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake Romance


After a troubling childhood, wealthy Evan Sinclair likes his life orderly and controlled. He rarely gives in to spontaneous urges—until he begins a chance correspondence with a mystery woman who sounds like his complete opposite. She intrigues and amuses him, and the interest seems mutual…which is more than he can say for his current obsession, Miranda Tyler, the tough-as-nails, sexy schoolteacher who’s made it clear she’s not impressed—or interested.

Miranda finally has it all: a good job, friends, and the security of living in the quaint coastal town of Amesport, Maine. She even has an anonymous pen pal—a man she’s never met yet has bonded with almost effortlessly. The only thing unsettling her life is Evan Sinclair. The handsome billionaire is arrogant, pompous, and far too used to getting his way. Miranda tries her best to avoid him, until Evan’s steamy kiss turns her world upside down.

Soon their red-hot desire is scorching the sheets and has them both spinning out of control. But when secrets are revealed, will their insatiable attraction keep them together or force them apart? In J.S. Scott’s The Billionaire’s Touch, the eldest Sinclair just might have met his match.


In J.S. Scott’s contemporary romance series, the Sinclairs were born into one of Boston’s richest families, the siblings separate and leave their troubled childhoods behind…until life pulls them back together in the sleepy coastal village of Amesport, Maine. 

There they meet their matches, discovering that the satisfaction of having billions in the bank pales in comparison to the passionate love affairs that are shaking up—and righting—their worlds. 

Get to know each of the Sinclairs as J.S. gives readers a glimpse into each hero…

Which Sinclair is most likely to…

1)  … spontaneously fly a date to Italy to show her his favorite restaurant?

Dante, from No Ordinary Billionaire, will go far and beyond to show the woman he loves how much he adores her and a spontaneous dinner in another country might do just that.

2) … go on an extreme sports vacation?

Jared, from The Forbidden Billionaire, as we all know is the daredevil of the Sinclair brothers so it is natural to think he would think of an extreme sport vacation as a type of holiday!

3) … forget an important birthday because they were working on a million dollar merger?

Evan, from The Billionaire’s Touch, has always been focused in his work. Being the eldest and the one responsible to take the role of the head of the family, makes it hard for him to let the business responsibilities to fall on someone else.

4) … write a romantic poem to their significant other? 

Evan. However regardless of being 99.9% business focused he will still indulge in something as romantic as writing a poem for his significant other.

5)  … take a ballroom dance class? 

Aww Grady, from The Billionaire’s Christmas, known to the residents of Amesport as “the eccentric beast” he still has a soft side and will take pleasure in learning to ballroom in order to see Emily happy and have an excuse to be close to her.

6) … have the most children? 

Grady (but they all have a bet running on who will succeed).

This one was a tough one as all the Sinclair men love nothing but to show their women their Alpha and possessive side, however we thought Grady after discovering the miracle of Christmas and being surrounded by children in the youth center would love to see Emily carrying his babies.


And now get to know the Evan, the newest Sinclair hero, better with an excerpt from The Billionaire’s Touch:

“Can I ask you a question?”

She lifted a brow before asking, “What?”

“Does Beatrice give out these stones to everyone?” Evan pulled the crystal from his pocket and held it out to her.

Hesitantly, Randi reached out and took the rock into her own hand. She turned it over and over a few times before handing it back with a perplexed look on her face.

“Hardly ever,” she admitted. “You got one, too?”

“She mailed it to me with a letter a few months ago, telling me I was going to be married within six months,” he answered reluctantly, slipping the Apache tear back into his coat pocket. “I think she might be demented.”

Randi laughed, and a bolt of pleasure raced through Evan’s body at the husky, sultry sound.

“She’s not crazy. She’s just a little eccentric. Sometimes her predictions actually do come true.”

Evan shook his head. “She’s destined for disappointment with me.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Randi admitted, reaching for the door of her rapidly defrosting vehicle. It was a deep-purple SUV that somehow suited her bold personality. Evan could finally see the make and model clearly.

“Randi?” he questioned huskily.

“Yes?” She turned and looked at him, her expression no longer hostile.

“Don’t worry about my coat. I have another one.”

It wasn’t what he really wanted to say, but he couldn’t exactly tell her what he was thinking. She was likely to apply a knee to his balls, and he rather liked them intact.

“I told you to send me a bill if the stain doesn’t come out. You might try the dry cleaners here. They’ve done miracles with some of my clothes. Stains are a job hazard for teachers,” she told him amiably.

It was her smile that made Evan snap. Her eyes were warm and happy, her lips curving into a beautiful expression of joy when she talked about her profession. But the grin was aimed at him, and Evan couldn’t possibly resist seizing the moment. He’d never made an impulsive move in his entire life, but he couldn’t seem to control his mind or body when she smiled at him this way.

He stepped forward without debating his options first, pinned her body against her vehicle, and without a cautionary thought in his head, he kissed her.

Evan groaned as his lips crashed down on hers, knowing that he’d just made a mistake that would probably cost him his sanity. Her body stiffened as he wrapped his arms around her, one hand threading through her hair to protect her head and keep it exactly in a position that allowed him complete access to her mouth. An unfamiliar sense of male satisfaction moved deep in his gut as the clip holding her hair fell to the ground and the dark strands tumbled around her shoulders.


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About the Author

J.S. Scott

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author J.S. Scott is an avid reader. While she loves all types of books and literature, romance has always been her genre of choice. Because she writes what she loves to read, she excels at both contemporary and paranormal romances. Most of her books are steamy and generally feature a to-die-for alpha male, and all have a satisfying happily-ever-after ending. She just can’t seem to write them any other way!

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Giveaway: The Fountain by Suzy Vadori

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