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the Pirate
Pirates and Petticoats Novel
Chloe Flowers
Action & Adventure Historical Romance


steals for the French crown.She heals for the Catholic church

will heal her heart.She will steal his.

Privateer, Captain
given one final mission from his employer, the king of France:
reclaim religious relics from a New Orleans cathedral and bring them
back. Trouble begins when he’s forced by a mysterious, veiled,
novitiate nun to swear on the Bible to protect the very items he was
instructed to steal.
60 British warships have amassed in Negril Bay, Jamaica, preparing to
attack New Orleans. He must retrieve the sacred relics before the
British arrive and seize the city.
nun and healer,
secrets, and hides more than her face behind the veil. The convent
has been her safe haven since she crawled, beaten and bloody, to its
door nine years ago. When an old enemy re-surfaces and threatens to
drag her back into the dark underworld from where she’d escaped,
both she and her dark pirate captain stand to lose everything they’ve
fought so hard to protect…including each other.
commit treason or betray the woman he secretly loves. Betraying one
sends him to the guillotine, the other straight to hell.
series is about spirited, independent women and rakish bad boy
pirates, wrapped up in women’s action and adventure sea stories. If
you enjoy romantic action and adventure, action and action and
adventure romance fiction, historical romance or women’s fiction,
you’ll love the Pirates & Petticoats series.

rp- excerpt

He shifted. The angle of his head gave her a full view of both narrowed silver eyes. “Why are you so eager to return?”

Before she could answer, the captain’s shoulders tensed and his attention whipped around to focus to the right of the trail ahead. Broad leafy shadows crossed the moonlit path. Nothing moved, no sounds.

No noises at all.

No beetles buzzing, no night creatures rustling in the underbrush, no chirping tree frogs. Her lungs tightened. Jamaica wasn’t without its dangerous beasts, both human and animal.

“What is it?” she whispered, gripping the edge of the cart seat, staring wildly into the dense flora.

“We’re being watched.” Easing a pistol from his belt with one hand, he pulled the reins with the other. The mule’s ears twitched; he stopped abruptly, attention forward, listening. The captain spoke in a low voice. “Easy.”

A lone figure stood on the trail a few yards ahead of them. “Why you be travelin’ dis time o’ night, Sistah Eva? You gots troubles?”

She slumped with relief. Miss Kalia. Next to her, the captain froze, his hands gripping the reins as if they kept him from falling into a burning pit of lava.

“I’m taking a sick child to the caves.”

“Girl-child then. Who wit you?”

She swallowed. The premonition. “Capitaine Gamponetti.”

Kalia grinned then cackled a short laugh. “Ah, yes, yes. Last time him saw I, him come from da red house. Long night wit da rum. Bad day next, eh Drago?”

The captain turned to granite beside her, likely embarrassed (as well he should be) that Miss Kalia had seen him leaving a brothel. Eva chewed her lip. Maybe she misread the man. Allowed desperation to dictate her impressions.

The old woman approached the wagon, swaying like seaweed with the tide, perhaps due to aching joints, but on a night like this, it was bewitching and unnerving, like an adder mesmerizing prey. The moonlight subdued her brightly patched skirt into shades of grayish-reds, greens, blues, and yellows. Colorful feathers poked out in every direction from the silver hair piled high on her head. A streak of white paint trailed from one ear, ran along her jawline, across her chin, ending at her other ear like a gruesome grin. Eva fought the strong desire to squirm closer to the pirate for protection. That would give her as much reassurance as jumping from an alligator’s jaws to a lion’s mouth.

Kalia hummed as she peered over the side at Jacqueline. “T’ought so. Eva, see I in a vision just now. Surrounded by thunder and frost, perched next to a jaguar black as night. Woke I wide up.” Before she could respond, the woman scampered up into the wagon bed bringing with her a strong tang of wood smoke.

Julian didn’t take his eyes from her but still leaned away as she bent over his sister. She placed her palm against the girl’s cheek, her brown hand contrasting sharply with the pale skin, even though it was still flushed with fever. She tilted Jacqueline’s head back, pressed her chin down to open her mouth. Sniffed her breath.

Unsure what to say or do, Eva dragged her gaze from the old woman to the captain. How long had those two known each other? His storm gray eyes followed the crone’s every move.

Miss Kalia hopped down and slipped to Eva’s side. The old woman grasped her hand and pressed a cluster of herbs against her clammy palm. “Her need dis. It make best tea for dee girl. Him,” she nodded toward Captain Gamponetti and lowered her voice until it was barely there. “Him must to drink dis.” She caught her gaze and held it, as she slid a small flask under the herbs. “Den dat what you want by him, you get.”

Eva shoved them into her bag, afraid to refuse them, and unsure of what else to do or say.

The old Jamaican woman stepped back from the wagon and lifted both hands in farewell. Or some sort of blessing?

Maybe a curse?

A white witch. A “good” witch, if there was such a thing. Sister Beatrice would say there was not. But Eva had seen too many things to denounce anything outright. There was no telling what spell Kalia incanted or bestowed upon them. The pirate slapped the reins and clucked the mule forward, none too soon.

As they passed, Kalia spoke again, but this time to him, her voice both smoky and chiseled, eyes black and white. “Change in de wind, Drago. Time come near for you to make a choice. Choose wrong way and die. Before de tree flowers bloom, you betray an ally and aide a foe…break a vow. Light beckons you, but de dark always a seductress.” Her wild stare locked with Eva’s. “Which voice will him follow? Him heart or him head?”

Tension radiated from the captain in waves of heat. Kalia had managed to slither past his, steely, rugged aura to poke the tiniest gap between courage and unease. The muscles in his jaw tightened, but he did not look at the old woman as they passed.

“I…I don’t know how to answer her question.” Eva looked over her shoulder, but the witch had disappeared. An awkward silence followed. The jungle remained paralyzed for several minutes.

He could have taken Jacqueline to Kalia, but he didn’t. Most island people would have sought the Obeah healer first. She peered at him again, understanding now why he hadn’t. A rigidity thrummed through his broad shoulders; he had a flare in his nostrils, a fierce glint in his eyes.

Then it hit her; she terrified him. Her curiosity flared. “Have you been acquainted with her long?”

The captain released a long breath. “Everyone knows Kalia. And Kalia knows everyone.” A wry smile seeped up to his eyes. The edges crinkled and a dimple settled in his cheek, giving him a roguish, but more pleasing look. Much like an unapologetic child holding a stolen cake. “In truth, I found there’s no way to avoid her even when it’s your intense desire.”

She learned much the same. A strange sense of balance lodged between them. Kalia unnerved him as much as he unnerved her. The vulnerability the old woman raked out of him made him less threatening. “The people here have great respect for Miss Kalia. It would be foolish to dismiss her or her methods. To do so would also betray the islander’s trust.”

The captain slapped the reins again and muttered, “Kalia’s black medicine attracts too much attention, especially from the white man. They do not understand it. White men fear what they don’t understand.”

“It’s not black medicine.” She corrected him. “Obeah is a very ancient healing practice.” Trying to ignore the twinge of foreboding they sent through her chest, she shifted the tea and the tonic to the bottom of her sack.

“Call it what you will, the white settlers and plantation owners fear it,” he rumbled.

How should she approach the last premonition? He had to be familiar with the old woman’s visions if indeed he knew who she was. How would he react? Surprise? Disbelief? She plunged ahead anyway.

“Miss Kalia stopped me at the market two days ago and told me a man would come to the abbey with a sick girl-child,” she blurted it out before she could stop herself. He would think her a ninny. Talking about an old woman’s premonitions as if they were gospel, which they were not.

Yet, a flicker of surprise shot across the captain’s face. “She did?”

So he was familiar with Kalia’s visions. “Yes, and here you are.”

“Indeed.” His brows dropped in thought, or perhaps concern.

She couldn’t, wouldn’t confide what Miss Kalia had said next. That was something she dared not repeat.

“Him not what him seem to be,” the old woman had whispered. “But den, so not are you.”

Author~ Chloe Flowers writes historical women’s action and
adventure romance novels about scoundrels, pirates, and spunky,
independent heroines. She likes to challenge her characters by
tossing them the middle of actual historical events, or with real
historical characters.

is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Northeast Ohio Romance
Writers and The Beau Monde Romance Writers group, where she serves as
secretary. In 2011, she formed the Sunshine Critique Group so that
she and other aspiring authors could motivate and challenge each
other to become better writers. Six members have been published. She
has given workshops and presentations on creating a critique group,
how to provide effective critiques, story structure, and
self-publishing lessons to writers groups, library patrons and
children. In 2014, she started her own small publishing company,
Flowers & Fullerton. Currently, she’s the publisher of record
for authors Sheridan Jeane, H.O. Knight as well as herself.

it’s dancing naked in a downpour at 3AM, zip-lining in a
rainforest, or racing ponies, Chloe’s always looking for the next
adventure. Her pets have always been named after favorite characters
or action heroes: Indiana, Luke, Gimli, Thelma, Rocket, Forrest, Al
Giordino, Severus, Mushu, Mérida, Gibbs, Jack…Dead Pool (he’s a

biggest fault is her apparent inability to say “no” whether it’s
in response to a call for aid or a double-dog-dare to hike home
through 30 acres of a snow-covered forest at midnight…during a full
moon. It was early morning during said adventure when she came upon a
group of sheriff’s deputies searching for a lost girl. So, of
course she offered to help. Turns out, they were searching for

addition to her addiction to adrenaline, she has a weakness for good
red wine, dark chocolate and brown-eyed guys with beards, which is
probably why she digs pirates and treasure hunters and writes about
action and adventure, pirates and romance (which is the greatest
adventure of all).

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$5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Night Stalker by R.L. Weeks

Love Lives Book 1
R.L. Weeks
YA Paranormal Fantasy

of Best Paranormal Fantasy by Virtual Fantasy Con Book Awards

and George are traveling around Japan’s notorious suicide forest when
they see something move in the tree line and Casey can’t shake the
feeling that someone has been following them.

that night, Casey wakes up to find a woman in their room. After
breaking free of the woman’s entrancement, Casey wakes George, who
convinces her it was just a dream.

has been acting off since their visit to Japan. Now they’re home, the
worst happens and George is killed in a freak accident.

one year later and she’s about to leave her small hometown, Pleasant
Springs – in hopes that her nightmares would end. Since his death,
her dreams have been haunted by a mystery guy who is hellbent on
causing her pain, but, before she makes it to the airport, Casey is
kidnapped and taken to the hotel from her nightmares.

is plunged into a creepy world filled with the supernatural,
underground cities, and sick games.

mystery guy tells her he is trying to save her from the others.
However, her ex – George could be behind her kidnapping in the most
sinister way.

is as it seems in the dark world of the Stalkers.

L Weeks

is the bestselling and award-winning author of the Dead Loves Life
Series, Bloodlust, The Fallen, Willow Woods Academy for Witches,
Cursed, and the owner of Enchanted Anthologies, publisher of
Fractured Fairytales Books 1 & 2, A Deadly World: Vampires in
Paris, Things Only the Darkness Knows, and Christmas Nightmares.

lives in a small village in the UK.

she’s not writing, she’s traveling, reading (paranormal, fantasy and
horror being her go to genres) and designing covers for Dark Wish

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Book Giveaway: Guest Post: Beyond Control by Kat Martin

Beyond Control Cover1

Beyond Control by Kat Martin

Present Danger

When Victoria Bradford got engaged, she told herself to give love a chance. Six months later, she’s on the run from her angry, abusive ex-fiancé with her four-year-old daughter and nowhere to go.

Seventy miles north of Dallas, the Iron River Ranch is pretty much nowhere. That’s what its new owner, Josh Cain, wanted when he came back from Afghanistan. Big skies, quiet nights, no trouble.

One look tells Josh the pretty redhead with the adorable little girl will give him trouble of the most personal kind. But he’s seen trouble before, and he doesn’t scare easy. Not when “accidents” start happening around the ranch. Not when Tory’s best friend back in Phoenix is abducted and brutalized. Not even when it looks like their current problems are only the tip of the iceberg.

But if he gets too close to fierce, determined Tory, Josh knows his nights are going to be anything but quiet. And that’s one possibility no amount of training can prepare him for . . .

Guest Post:


“I couldn’t put it down! Those words are some of the most satisfying comments an author can receive. Nothing pleases me more than a note from someone grumbling about staying up late to finish one of my books.

It’s music to my ears.

There are lots of ways to earn those precious words. Writing a fast-paced novel is one of them. It is certainly my goal every time I start a new book.

My latest, BEYOND CONTROL, was no different. I knew I would be writing Joshua Cain’s story, Lincoln Cain’s brother from BEYOND REASON. I had introduced Josh in that story so I knew what he was like–smart, strong, determined, former military. Totally hot. I always try to find the hero’s perfect match and though at first Victoria Bradford, raisng a four-year-old daughter, seemed unlikely, as the tale moved forward I could tell they would perfectly suit.

If they survived the terrible ordeal they were facing.

I like to read books that draw me in and won’t let go, books I can’t wait to pick up again to find out what’s going to happen next.

There are a lot of ways writers can create those kinds of stories. Pairing down description makes the story move faster–or as Elmore Leonard said, “I try to leave out the parts people skip.” Often the scenes are set in familiar places that don’t require much description.

A Hollywood movie trick is enter late and leave early. It means jumping right into the scene–leaving out the, “Hello, how are you?” “I’m fine, how are you?”

Hooks at the beginning and end of chapters are helpful. It’s a technique I try to use, though some authors end a chapter in the middle of the action to keep you turning the pages.

I’ve found I do a lot of characterization by showing how the hero, heroine, and sub characters react to a situation. For instance, I don’t don’t care what the heroine did in high school unless it’s important to how she’ll solve the problem in which she is currently involved.

But every author has his own method of developing a novel.

In BEYOND CONTROL, Victoria Bradford and her four-year old daughter are on the run from Tory’s abusive ex-fiancé. Seventy miles north of Dallas, the Iron River Ranch is pretty much nowhere, exactly what Josh Cain wanted when he came back from Afghanistan. Big skies, quiet nights, no trouble.

One look tells Josh the pretty redhead who showed up on his door with her adorable little girl will give him trouble of the most personal kind. But Josh has seen trouble before, and he doesn’t scare easy. Not when “accidents” start happening around the ranch. Not when Tory’s best friend is abducted.

Not even when it looks like their current problems are only just the beginning.

I hope you’ll watch for BEYOND CONTROL and that you enjoy it. All best wishes and happy reading, Kat

About the Author:


New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. Currently residing in Missoula, Montana with her Western-author husband, L. J. Martin, Kat has written sixty-five Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels. More than sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries. Kat is currently at work on her next Romantic Suspense.






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Twitter: https://twitter.com/katmartinauthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatMartinAuthor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36190397-beyond-control


Ms. Martin is giving away a copy of her book (Nook, Kindle or Paperback) (US Only) to one commenter! Just leave a comment and make sure I am able to contact you and you are entered to win! Giveaway ends May 31st. 

$15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: The Hometown Series by Kirsten Fullmer

Girl at Heart
Series Book 1
Kirsten Fullmer
Contemporary Romance
has always been too engrossed in her work – refurbishing the
historical homes in Smithville. She keeps a tight rein on her jobs
and her emotions buried, but she’s losing control of both since
that ridiculous city boy investor showed up.

in town, Justin is confident that his ultra modern resorts will bring
Smithville into the twenty-first century. If only the local-yokels
and their ringleader, the gorgeous and peculiar Tara, would stop

her quirky and protective hometown behind her, will Tara confront
Justin and the town’s long buried secrets to take on the financial
and emotional risk of a lifetime?

Girl After All
Series Book 2

lost everything while she was ill. Self-conscious and alone, she’s
moved to Smithville, determined to hide away in her rundown Victorian
house. Little does she know, she can’t hide anything in a small
town, including her interest in the deliveryman.

to keep his life simple, Chad has his hands full running his delivery
business and supporting his adopted family. So why can’t he get
that withdrawn city girl, Julia, off his mind?

the eccentric but well-meaning Smithville folk push Julia and Chad to
open up, or will the emotional toll drive them both back into

Girl Forever
Series Book 3

gave up her stressful job in Boston to embrace her love of all things
country in Smithville PA. Her farm, a new job at the spa, and her pet
alpacas are a dream come true, if only her meddling, matchmaking,
socialite mother would back off.

a successful architect from Washington, DC, designed the new spa, but
he certainly hadn’t envisioned the exotic bohemian style manager or
her intriguing, demanding mother. Small town antics and his interest
in Lizzie extend his visit to Smithville, but will the allure of
country life draw him in for good?

again, Smithville’s folk interfere with plans at every turn,
forcing Lizzie and Elliot to face their personal dilemmas and each
other, head on.

in Smithville
Hometown Series Book 4

though Gloria is determined to change her reputation, most of the
women in town still think she’s a tramp. Sure, she may have dressed
a little flashy and dated pretty much every single guy in town, but
that’s the past. Now that she wants to make a fresh start, will
Smithville give her a second chance?

has heard all the gossip, but being the Sheriff’s Deputy, he sees
all the kind things Gloria does behind the scenes for the folks of
Smithville. It looks like the upcoming Christmas Pageant will offer
him the opportunity to spend time with her, but can he overcome a
frustrating stutter and talk to her, face to face?

favorite characters from the Hometown Series bring craziness, love,
and Smithville Christmas style, to a whole new romance about
overcoming your past and sharing your deepest secrets. Fall in love
and be swept away with the Christmas Eve celebration of your dreams.

grew up in the Western US and graduated from high school in
1984. She married soon there after and quickly built a family.
With three young children and number four on the way, she returned to
college in 1992. Her career as a draftsman included many settings
ranging from a steel fabrication shops to prestigious engineering
firms. Balancing family life with the workplace forced her to
become the queen of multitasking. In 2001, bored with the cubical
life, she moved on to teach drafting in technical college, then to
opening her own consulting firm teaching 3D engineering software. Due
to health problems, Kirsten retired in 2012 to travel with her
husband for his job. She now works writing romance novels and enjoys
spoiling her three grandchildren. Since 2017 Kirsten has lived and
worked full time in a 40′ travel trailer with her husband and her
little dog Bingo.

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$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: Rescue by Susan Aylworth

Rescue by Susan Aylworth

What will it take to stay alive? When Dulce wakes up hanging in a giant mapajo tree, she fears she may be a lone survivor, stranded in the Amazon rainforest. What comes next may be even worse.

The last thing sixteen-year-old Dulce Donovan wants to do is move away from her friends and hot new crush. But her parents insist, and she has no choice but to get on the airplane taking her to Lima, Peru.

When the plane crashes in the middle of the Amazon jungle, Dulce feels lucky to survive. But as she faces injury, disease, and deadly insects and reptiles, she discovers that the price of living is high. Injured and miles from any civilization, Dulce must push her way through a dangerous jungle, looking for any miracle that might come her way.  

Praise for the Book

“RESCUE is exciting and fresh and inspiring. When Dulce is one of the only survivors of a plane crash deep in the Amazon jungle, she faces all kinds of dangers as she fights to survive. A fascinating insight into one of the most mysterious places in the world and a strong heroine that will make you cheer for her determination.”

“I found myself unable to put the book down. The story is well-crafted, with twists and surprises that kept me a little on edge, frankly–wondering what would suddenly leap out (or slither up to!) Dulce next. Aylworth cleverly weaves her considerable understanding of survival skills and of the native peoples of the Amazon throughout the story. I found myself mentally cheering Dulce on, impressed with her ingenuity at dealing with the harsh realities of her environment.”

“I really liked this book. It was very interesting how this young woman was able to survive this terrible tragedy.”


“For a time I just sit, my head pressed backward against the seat, my eyes closed, thinking of how desperately I don’t want to be here, how I can’t face this, how frantically I want this all to go away. But the minutes pass and I’m still hanging in the tree, recognizing that if no one has come to my rescue yet, it’s possible no one is coming. I may just have to rescue myself.”

“‘I am not going to die here,’ I say aloud. Then I shout it to the whole forest: ‘I am not going to die here!’ I grasp that little lump in the tree bark with my left hand, reach up with my right, and grab my toe, yanking it free. There’s a moment of elation until I realize my left foot is slipping. I scrabble with both hands, trying to find anything to hang onto, but there’s nothing. The next thing I know I am sliding, the mapajo’s slick bark slipping by beneath me. Then there is nothing but air.”

“I’m almost out of the clearing when I’m stopped cold. What I see looks like a thick, bright green vine curled around the limb of a tree. What I recognize is the ambush-hunting strategy of a pit viper, a seriously venomous threat. I know what it is because Chambi pointed one out on one of our jungle walks. Silently thanking him, I change direction. We’ll avoid that risk by leaving this clearing in an entirely different direction. Even as I think it, I realize it may be foolish; we could run into poisonous snakes anywhere. I’ll just have to be careful to keep a close watch on the foliage.”

“I’m home! I don’t know how I got here, but I am standing on the porch of our home in Santa Cruz and there’s my mother! She’s running to me and I’m running to her. She is saying, “Marissa! Oh Marissa!” over and over and I just keep saying, “Mom, Mom, I missed you so much!” We hold each other and cry and then …I wake up aching, wishing my mother were here. I’ve never missed her or needed her more than I do now. I have never imagined I would miss her or want her this much. The missing is so painful, it almost chokes me.”

Author Susan Aylworth

Susan Aylworth started her first book when she was nine. “It was called Buff, The Proud Stallion. I wrote eight whole pages.” For her fifth grade career day, she stated her ambition to become “a rich and famous author.” Decades later, she is pleased to have achieved the ‘author’ part of that goal. A former university professor, she enjoys researching backgrounds and careers for her novels. “It’s one way to live many lives at once.”

Susan lives with Roger, her husband of 48 years, who is also a writer. Although they maintain a home in northern California, they currently serve as addiction recovery missionaries in the Navajo Nation. Susan loves hanging out with her seven children, their perfect-for-them spouses and 26 grandchildren. When she can’t be with her blood family, she hangs with her fictional characters, the children of her mind. Rescue is her fifteenth published novel.

Website * Facebook * Twitter


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Ends 6/5/18

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Giveaway: IKE AND KAY by James MacManus

Ike and Kay Final Jacket

IKE AND KAY by James MacManus

The sweeping love story at the heart of the Second World War, vividly reimagining General Eisenhower and Kate Summersby’s infamous, star-crossed affair

In his latest historical novel Ike and Kay, acclaimed author James MacManus brings to life an unbelievably true and controversial romance and the poignant characters and personalities that shaped the course of world history.

In 1942, Kay Summersby’s life is changed forever when she is conscripted to drive General Eisenhower on his fact-finding visit to wartime London. Despite Eisenhower’s marriage to Mamie, the pair takes an immediate liking to each other and he buys Kay a rare wartime luxury: a box of chocolates.

So begins a tumultuous relationship that, against all military regulation, sees Kay traveling with Eisenhower on missions to far-flung places before the final assault on Nazi Germany. The general does dangerously little to conceal his affair with the woman widely known as “Ike’s shadow,” and in letters Mamie bemoans his new obsession with “Ireland.” That does not stop him from using his influence to grant Kay citizenship and rank in the US army, drawing her closer still when he returns to America. When officials discover Eisenhower’s plans to divorce from his wife they threaten the fragile but passionate affair, and Kay is forced to take desperate measures to hold onto the man she loves . . .

Based on the scandalous true story of General Eisenhower’s secret World War II love affair, Ike and Kayis a compelling story of love, duty, sacrifice, and heartbreak, set against the backdrop of the most tumultuous period of the twentieth century.


Mamie Eisenhower wrote long letters to her husband every week, sometimes more than one, which he dutifully answered. Kay knew he regarded it as his duty to reply to each one within a day of receipt. He had once asked her to type a letter home straight from his dictation. That had been a big mistake. Mamie had been furious and made it clear she wanted handwritten letters from her husband or none at all.

The point was made in a brief letter that Eisenhower read sitting at his desk. Kay had been taking dictation for over an hour and the letter came as a welcome break for coffee. He sighed deeply, folded the letter and put it in a desk drawer. “Is anything wrong?” said Kay, putting coffee on the desk. She had guessed its contents.

“Yes, but don’t let it worry you,” he said. “Now, where were we?”

Later when she was alone in the office curiosity overcame caution. She opened the drawer and took out the letter. Its brevity was brutal, the message cold.

Dearest Ike,

Never ever send me a typed letter dictated to that woman. If you have not the time to write yourself please don’t write at all.


So she had become “that woman”, just as to many of Ike’s staff she had become rather more than a mere driver. Jealousy feeds on rumour and the rumours had certainly taken wing across the Atlantic.

Kay shrugged. How did the old rhyme go? “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

She could see that Eisenhower didn’t miss his wife or anybody else, even his son. How could he? The days were full, the nights were short, and in the words of a poem that Kay remembered from somewhere, “life slips by like a field mouse not shaking the grass”.

“Who wrote that?” he’d asked.

“I don’t know – an American poet, I think. It’s just one of those lines that sticks in your head.”

“Nothing sticks in my head. It’s like a parade ground of facts and figures marching past – whole armies of them on the move up here,” he’d said, tapping his forehead, and grinned, suddenly pleased with his own words.

The familiarity between them jeopardised the innocence of their relationship, but she told herself she was only doing her duty.

“Mind you look after our general,” Churchill had said.

And that was all she was doing – obeying orders from the highest authority.

Excerpted from Ike and Kay by James MacManus. Copyright © 2018 by James MacManus. Published by arrangement with The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc.

Author bio:

James MacManus author photo

James MacManus is the managing director of The Times Literary Supplement. He is the author of six novels, including the historical novels Black Venus, Sleep in Peace Tonight, and Midnight in Berlin.


Open to the US and Canada only.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Book Swag Giveaway: Silver Hollow By Jennifer Silverwood

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Silver Hollow

(Borderlands Saga #1)
By Jennifer Silverwood
Urban Fantasy

Paperback & ebook, 429 pages
May 31st 2018 by SilverWoodSketches

“I shouldn’t have to tell you this isn’t a fairy story…”

After her parents’ car crash ten years before, Amie Wentworth trusts books more than people. She may be a writer, but she believes in reality over fiction. She ignores the unexplained mysteries surrounding her, never mind the dreams of a past life, or the fact she can fry technology with a touch. Not even a timely invitation from her long-lost uncle in England gives Amie incentive for anything other than ire.

Until she is stabbed in an alley and brought back to life by a handsome stranger. Soon Amie is dragged into the very sort of tale she is used to selling. To make matters worse, the man who saved her life keeps turning up and her would-be-murderer is still at large.

After crossing the Atlantic to her father’s homeland, she discovers a world beyond imagining. Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and supernatural dangers, where everything is the opposite of what it seems and few escape sane. Faced with an impossible choice, Amie is forced to confront a deadly family legacy while remembering a life she soon wishes to forget.

**Previously published in 2012. This NEW EDITION has been FULLY REVISED AND EXPANDED. The original novel is now no longer available.**



Prologue Part 1 (10 Years Ago)



It was raining. Everyone was wearing black and it was raining like a typical funeral scene from every movie ever. Amie had put on a yellow dress instead of the black one she had found in Mother’s closet. The bright color clashed with her pale skin, black hair and green eyes but no one would dare point out a fashion misstep today. Not to mention she didn’t feel very yellow today but it was—had been—her mother’s favorite color.

The rain made Amie shiver involuntarily and she gripped the familiar hands holding hers on either side to root her feet to the ground. The twins squeezed her hands back in unison. The girls often echoed each other’s actions, even though they were fraternal and looked nothing alike. They wore dresses of emerald and amethyst, their favorite colors. Not only were Faye and Jo the best friends she would ever have, but they were kick ace enough to help her make a statement.

The minister was from the church Melody Wentworth had liked to visit. Amie’s mother had been from the Smoky Mountains and was bred to be a good Christian woman. From her mother, Amie learned the basics, like how not to swear while swearing.

Father was from some nowhere town in northern England and never spoke of God. His lessons had been a different color of strange. Was it wrong she felt this relief, knowing the lessons were over, that she could join the real world and go to college with normal teenagers?

Amie wondered what he would have thought of this funeral. She wondered for the umpteenth time why she was so horrible to her parents the night a semi-truck smeared them onto the interstate. She wondered why she had insisted on going to the movies with the twins, instead of attending the uptown party with her parents. At the time, it had seemed like such a big deal.

As of last month, she was officially graduated and had been biding her time till college in the fall. Despite Father’s emphasis on networking and making adult connections, Amie knew it would have just been another in a string of boring bigwig parties. Had she been in the car with them that night, her casket would have been lying between theirs today.

“Drustan and Melody Wentworth were loving parents to their daughter, Jessamiene…” the minister droned on. Amie cringed at the use of her full name and bit her lower lip. The twins squeezed her hands again.

The Blackbriar’s had been her neighbors ever since her family moved from Memphis to Dallas in the eighth grade. Their parents had known each other forever and their fathers used to work together until a couple of years ago. That was when Amie’s folks started running with the “hyphenated-the-third” snooty crowd, rich people congratulating themselves on their pompous benevolence.

She wouldn’t cry in front of these people. None of them really knew her. All they knew was she was an eighteen-year-old orphan and only as kind as her parents raised her to be. She didn’t owe them anything. They were a sea of snooty faces with hyphenated names and “the third” tacked onto the end. They were legacy people, rich people her family had no business with, in her opinion.

Her fingers itched for her journal, to write the hateful words brewing in her mind, threatening to spill from her lips. These people were the reason her parents were dead.

“Amie, you want us to walk with you?” Faye whispered in her ear.

Amie glanced up at the taller of the twins and shook her head. “No, I got this.”

Faye looked at Jo over her head and nodded.

Father had the sort of British accent that made people automatically assume he was upper-class. He went with it, used it to attract more clients to whatever his company provided. Truth be told Amie didn’t know much about what her father, Drustan had done for a living, because like most things, he never said. So it wasn’t too surprising the day he announced his career change. She had given up asking him about work years ago. Now she would never know.

All the nameless faces were staring at her as Amie approached the closed caskets. She glared at her blurred reflection on the black surface, chin set to hold back tears. She dropped a white rose on each casket, then turned back to the crowd of onlookers.

Go ahead and think I’m heartless, she thought. None of you deserved them and you don’t deserve me either.

She forced herself to meet their eyes and dared the fakers to pity and mourn with her.

Something hot and electric zapped through her body as her gaze clashed with a man standing just outside the tent. He stood a head taller than everyone else, dark hair flattened to his head by the rain and black eyes enigmatic.

Thunder rumbled and cracked in the clouds overhead. A sudden cool wind kissed Amie’s neck. She rubbed her skin self-consciously. She caught her breath as people began to walk past her, breaking her line of sight and pushing the strange man from her mind. Many laid hands on her shoulders, whispering condolences before popping umbrellas to walk through the graveyard. Anger seared through her, hot and ripe at their false sympathies and the way they just walked away from it all, the way they could walk away.

Amie looked past the black-dressed drones for the odd stranger.

He hovered apart from the dwindling crowd amongst other graves. Now a faint smirk pulled his mouth up in one corner. Again, that quick zap of electricity tingled through her fingertips. She clenched her fists and pushed her way past the coats and umbrellas and their clammy hands. The stranger’s eyebrows shot up at her approach, eyes widening a fraction, though his smirk never left his lips as he withdrew something from his thick, brown duster coat.

Before she could utter a word, twin figures in brightly colored frocks darted in front of her. “There you are!” Jo said, her wide blue eyes red about the rims.

Faye placed a firm hand around Amie’s elbow and steered her back to her parent’s coffins. “Our parents grabbed us before we could rescue you from them.” She practically spat the word.

Amie almost smiled at the protective vehemence in Faye’s tone. She glanced back over her shoulder to find the stranger gone. He must have taken the opportunity to split.

“Good riddance,” she muttered under her breath and a lingering shudder shook her limbs one last time.

“You okay, Amie?” Jo asked from her other side, concern evident in the crease in her brow.

“I’m fine,” she lied. “Just ready to go home.”

About the Author

Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it’s the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador or a road trip to the next town. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas. She is the author of two series—Heaven’s Edge and Wylder Tales—and the stand-alone titles Stay and Silver Hollow.

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